Student Examples C45

英会話無料レッスン C45

英 語: I couldn’t help (A) because (B).

日本語: (B)なので、(A)せずにはいられなかった。


I couldn’t help driving my sister to her house because it was pouring rain. (Michi)

I couldn’t help saying “it’s too hot” because I walked for two hours in the afternoon heat. (Hiroko N.)

I couldn’t help buying diapers at that drugstore because they were on sale. (Shigemi)

I couldn’t help taking a nap during the daytime because last night was too hot to sleep heavily. (Hiroko K.)

I couldn’t help diving into the sea because it was too hot last week. (Yosuke)

I couldn’t help buying a toy for my grand-daughter because she is very pretty. (Mitsuhiro)

I couldn’t help doing the laundry because I had a large amount of dirty clothes. (Shigeki)

We couldn’t help vacuuming our house two or three times a day because our dog began to molt. (Chihaya)

I couldn’t help giggling because next to my desk in the office, my co-workers head was niddle-noddle even though the boss was shouting at him. (Masako)


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