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What are you into right now?

英会話無料レッスン 6A39
What are you into right now?



・I’m into online shopping.

・I’m into putting bath salts in my bath. Liquid type, powder type and foaming type. Fragrance of lemon and lavender and hinoki . There are various kinds of bath salts.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • I’m into shopping for clothes for my daughter recently . She got promoted her job a few months ago. She is not interested in fashion and always wears plain clothes. I think she needs to wear suitable clothes .I am really enjoying buying a lot of nice clothes for her there days.

  • There is a board game called “Mankara”.
    I’m into competing with my daughter.
    I can’t win my daughter.

  • I’m into a Netflix drama titled “The Brothers Sun”. It’s an action comedy
    about a Taiwanese mafia family. I’m looking forward to seeing how the
    relationship between brothers with different personalities will change!

  • I’m into a sleep measurement app called Pokémon Sleep. It’s fun to get a lot of Pokémon by sleeping.

  • I’m into a sleep measurement app sleep.
    It’s fun to get a lot of Pokémon by sleeping.
    I’ve been doing it since last summer.

  • I’m into observing a moss terrarium. A moss terrarium is a representation of nature created by arranging soil, rocks, and moss inside a transparent container. I’ve been watching it ever since I bought it last week.

  • I’m into the game named “Training for adults to train our brains”. Recently, I thought that my workings of my brain were slower than five years ago. So, I decided to train my brain and started to play the game. I have enjoyed it for three weeks.

  • Now, I’m into cooking, especially pasta dishes. I’m happy that I can eat vegetables, meat and fish evenly.

  • I’m into a Takarazuka Revue performer. I always work hard because I want to see her performances as many times as possible.

  • I’m into chatting with people who are English learners all over the world via a conversation app. You can talk with them for four minutes once. If both you and a partner want, you can continue the conversation for an additional four minutes. The app automatically selects your partner. Both attributions will not be revealed basically, and you can’t approach a certain partner you want. If both talker want, you can talk via video.

  • I’m into disposing of my husband clothes.
    He has a lot of clothes.
    He can’t wear the clothes because he got fat.
    I disposed 22 pair of jeans.

  • I ‘m into watching MLB games featuring Japanese players such as Otani ,Yoshida and Darvish. I ‘m looking forward to their success.

  • I’m into watching Korean drama while drinking chuhai before going to bed, it’s a reraxing time of my day

  • My favorite city is Osaka because there are a lot of delicious foods. And, I grew up in Osaka city.

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