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What was your plan today? Were you able to follow your plan?

英会話無料レッスン 6A41
What was your plan today? Were you able to follow your plan?



・I was planning to go to the store this morning. I went there but I forgot to buy something.

・I had a plan with my friend to meet up. But she got a fever and canceled.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • I was planning to have “Hanami” with friends.
    Because cherry brossoms are just blooming today.
    My plan was complete.

  • I did too much exercise at the gym and my back hurts now. I need to stretch my lower back 3times a day. I did the stretches while watching TV today.

  • It was sunny and a perfect day for cherry blossom viewing today.
    But I don’t very like crowds.So, I decided to do it on weekdays and stay at home. I made three plans, doing a lot of laundry, posting comments on
    this one point lesson and teacher’s blog and watching the rest of the mafia drama. I finished all of them as planned while having fun!

  • I was planning to go to an Indian restaurant In Osaka.
    I went there but I forgot my wallet.
    l was very disappointed. I gave up and left before placing an order.

  • I went to Kanuma park with my friends today .We enjoyed Ohanami.
    We made lunch. It was very delicious!! Had a good days!!

  • I had a drinking party with my friends.
    It was fun to meet friends who I couldn’t meet because of the coronavirus.

  • I had a plan with my friend to go to cherry blossom viewing. It was a little cloudy, but the cherry blossoms were beautiful.

  • I was planning to see cherry blossoms. My wife and I went to Gotenhama on the shore of Lake Biwa with lunch boxes. The cherry blossoms were beautiful and the lunch box was delicious.

  • I was planning to change from winter tires to normal tires with my son.
    It was safely and perfectly done!

  • Today was the first class since high school started.I was nervous but very good.I want to study hard better than now.

  • I was planning to take my child to the nursery school before going to work.
    It was raining heavily, but I took him to the nursery school as scheduled and arrived at work.

  • I had no plan today. On Sunday Playing tennis, I enjoyed cherry blossams in Nishiina park. so I lost 1.5kg before and after playing tennis. I got exhausted.

  • My plan today was to go to Takamatsu and stamped my signature to a lot of documents for the sale of my father’s real estate. I was able to follow my plan but I had so tight a schedule that I got exhausted.

  • I had a plan to make chicken
    cutlets in dinner.
    But my sister came home late,
    so I made hamburger stakes.
    It was delicious!!

  • I had two plans today.
    One of them was cleaning two rest rooms in my hause and another was washing a small carpet at a coin laundry near my house. I could follow these my plans today.

  • My plan for today was to create lesson plans for the new semester. I was able to complete the lesson plans right on schedule.

  • I was planning to do some housework and then go out to see the cherry blossoms. It went pretty much as planned.

  • My plans included going to the hospital and the post office, among other things, but I didn’t have time to do it all.

  • My today’s plan was to go to lunch with a friend.But I was a little late for the meeting time 12o’clock. Because I was busy with a work call.

  • My plans were to start the procedure of remitting a tax refund to my client, who lives in Switzerland, and revise my blog after a reader pointed out my mistakes. Fortunately enough, I did both of them.

  • I had a plan to go to buy a notebook and study English by using it yesterday. I could find the notebook but the stationary shop also had some pens which were my favorite colors. Because I had spent much time to consider whether I bought the pens or not, I lost time to study English. I’ll do study English today!

  • I was planning to go to a 100 – yen shop.
    I went there but the things what I want, there were all sold out.

  • I was planning to go to a Yakiniku restaurant with my coworker after work. We went there, drank beer and ate grilled meat. We had a good time there.

  • I’m planning to go to the beauty salon today
    As planned , I went to the beauty salon and I got my hair by 5 cm

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