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Have you seen any interesting stuff recently?

英会話無料レッスン 6A38
Have you seen any interesting stuff recently?



・Yes. I gave some sparrows food on the bench in the tennis court. Some sparrows ate small food there but some sparrows flew away sucking big food.

・I was playing golf and I saw three deer standing on the green.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • When I went to Osaka Tenmangu Shrine on Sunday, I saw “sarumawashi”. Sarumawashi is the Japanese term for a performance where monkeys perform various tricks.

  • I go to English cafe sometimes .
    About 20Japanese people who like speak English get together and enjoy speaking English .
    The other day I met a interesting young guy there He looked like a foreigner. I asked him “where are you from? “He said “I am a Japanese. I am often asked where I am from. Which country do you think l come from? “I said “ l think you are from Singapore. “

  • Yes, I have. I have seen a TV commercial on Youtube. That seemed to be Tsukashin’s oldest commercial and there were little information about Tsukashin.

  • I saw a sign board of a hospital with an interesting name from highway yesterday.The name is “Ouchi-ni-kaerou(Let’s go back to home)”
    I looked it up. The hospital is located in Itabashi Ward,Tokyo and provides medical care to support patients can live at home. I like the positive name!

  • When I walked in the street in Osaka ,
    I saw several people riding a motor skake board called LUUP. It is paid service but I wanna ride it if I have a chance.

  • I watched the Academy Awards ceremony. I was interested in the message by Yamazaki, who is the movie Director. And then I think I want to watch “Oppenheimer” because I want to know more about the atomic bomb in America.

  • Yes there was a thick fog when I was playing golf. I couldn’t find my golf ball after I hit it, so it felt like I was on a treasure hunt.

  • I saw an interesting YouTube content. There was a plastic flute in the content. Plastic flutes price are low . But I don’t like its sound.

  • I saw an interesting commercial that was seen in Osaka. The commercial was introducing Japanese tea in a PET bottle. It seemed to be very simple but somehow draw my attention.

  • I saw the illusion show combined with highly new technologies like drones. The performer is my client.

    • I’m sure you will see something interesting, and if not, we will still enjoying discussing this topic in our next class. See you soon!

  • Yes, I have. On this Monday the wind was particularly strong in the daytime. So I could see a lot of unusual tennis plays here and ther.

  • Yes, I have seen a interesting stuff by online that my granddaughter imitated a comedian now famous on TV.

  • When I bought a movie ticket, the line for the was filled with young people , the attendant line was filled with old people.

  • Yes I have. And then was sitting on a bench and eating bread. Then, a crow stole his bread and flew away. It happened in an instant.

  • I attended my friend’s wedding. Her husband is from Canada. They sang and danced in the wedding. I enjoyed it!
    Her uncle was my high school teacher. He was a scary teacher then. But he was drunk at the wedding. He was so funny.

  • The day before yesterday, I saw snow, even though it was the end of March. I wondered when the cherry blossoms would bloom.

  • I went on a business trip to Sagamihara with my co-worker last week. When we were in a taxi through the suburbs, sandstorm attacked our taxi suddenly, so we can’t see everything around us. At that moment, a large truck passed by our taxi at high speed, and we were so scared, so my heart almost stopped.

  • Isaw a 3D advertisement on a building near the Yodobashi Camera in Umeda
    The video jumped out and I saw interesting
    I will go to Dotonbori because I think I can see it

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