Student Examples C41

英会話無料レッスン C41

英 語: After all, (A) is (B).

日本語: なんといっても、(A)は(B)ですし。


This week’s #1 teacher’s pick is from Mari at Smith’s School of English in Otsu:
Mt. Fuji will be registered as a world heritage site soon at last. After all it’s one of the most symbolic landmarks in Japan.

Context is key to this week’s one points. Here’s a great example of introducing context into the one point, written by Chihaya from Otsu school:
My father asks me the same thing many times, for example “Today is Sunday, isn’t it?” but I mustn’t get irritated, after all he is over 90 years old.

Other examples:

I think after all, simple is best. (Hiroko)

After all, Lake Biwa is bigger than all of the other lakes in Japan. (Michi)

After all, Kyoto has over 1000 years of culture. (Miyuki)

After all, he is a child so he usually cries when he doesn’t have his own way. (Shinichi)

After all, seasonal vegetables are delicious. (Kumiko)

After all, in Japan the summer is hot and humid. (Yoshiko)

After all, the important thing is money. (Noriko)

After all, English is the most popular language in the world so I think I must master it. (Sunny)

After all, my favorite place is Shiga because we enjoy many things in Shiga, for example foods, sports and scenery of Lake Biwa. (Hiroko)