Student Examples Week Of November 18th 生徒さんの例文

Student Examples Page 生徒さんの例文 November 18th, 2012
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★This week’s teacher’s example 今週の先生の例文:

Tomorrow morning I’ve got to take out the garbage because it’s garbage day.
Edward, SSE Otsu Owner & Head Teacher

★This week’s student examples 今週の生徒さんの例文:

Written by SSE Otsu Students 大津校の生徒

Tomorrow I’ve got to study at home because tests will begin soon. (Yume)

Tomorrow I’ve got to buy a present because tomorrow is my friend’s birthday. (Sachi)

Tomorrow I’ve got to go shopping at the local supermarket because many groceries are sold at a special price. (Shigeki)

Tomorrow I’ve got to get up early because I must make a lunch box for my husband. (Yoko)

Tomorrow I’ve got to cook takoyaki because we are having a takoyaki party with friends. (Miyuki)

Soon I’ve got to change my car’s tires because what will I do when it snows? (Eiko)

Tomorrow I’ve definitely got to pay this bill because by the time I noticed, it had already gone overdue by three days! (Mari)

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