Student Examples C31

英会話無料レッスン C31

英 語: Unlike (A), (B) is (C).

日本語: (A)と違って、(B)は(C)だ。


Unlike cats, dogs are loyal. (Yoko)

Unlike the Japan Sea, Lake Biwa is always quiet. (Kumiko)

Unlike me, my boss is outgoing but uptight and a nag. (Shigeki)

Unlike me, my daughter is used to playing video games. (Takeshi)

Unlike the sea, Lake Biwa is calm except in typhoon season. (Toshiko)

Unlike other dogs, my dog Aluma is smart and good-looking. (Norioko)

Unlike silver film cameras, digital cameras can control the white balance without [physical] filters. (Yasushi)

Unlike when I was a child, today is a world of convenience for shopping, communication and so on. (Hiroki)