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LET IT BE 聴いて歌って
Chiharu スミス英会話大津校

Don’t study! Find your own ways to enjoy it.

Don’t you feel like studying English?
Don’t you feel like doing English homework?
That’s totally fine. It is possible that you have not found your own ways to enjoy English, yet. First, let’s change the way we THINK about English. English is NOT just a school subject. It is a communication tool and we use it to tell stories, listen to ideas and ask questions. If it is a tool for you, then you need to create your original ways to use it. Once you know your ways to use it, you CAN enjoy the PROCESS of improving your English. I want to remind everyone that LEARNING English is not the same as STUDYING English.
don’t feel like ~したい気がしない
It is possible that ~という可能性がある
have not found (A) yet まだ(A)を見つけていない
subject (n.) 教科
tool (n.) 手段
one’s original ways 独自のやり方
process (n.) 過程
to learn (v.) 習得する
to study (v.) 勉強する

OTSU students enjoy singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” “Let It Be” and many others.

Do you like music?

If your answer is YES then let’s listen to and/or sing English songs.
At Smith’s Otsu, I often introduce English songs to our students. If they show interest in singing those songs, I give them the lyrics sheets with some blanks. Then we listen to them and fill in the blanks together. After that we read the lyrics out-loud in the rhythm. This exercise helps students get used to unique English rhythm and pronunciation. If our students are not too shy and happy to try singing with me, we sing together. As you can imagine, this is really fun and makes us really happy.
to introduce (v.) 紹介する
lyrics (n.) 歌詞
read out-loud 音読する
get used to 慣れる
pronunciation (n.) 発音

Do you want to try singing ONE OK ROCK’s songs? “Stand Out Fit In” maybe?

LET IT BE by The Beatles

And _______________ the broken hearted people
living in the world _____________
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted, there is
still a _______________ that they will _________
There will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
There will be an answer, let it be
Songwriters: Paul McCartney/ John Lennon

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sing The Beatles’ songs comfortably while cooking or taking a walk? In the above lyrics, many students find some combinations of words difficult to pronounce; for example, broken hearted, world agree and an answer. When you sing them, the ending of the first word and the beginning of the second word need to be linked together. Does that sound complicated? Don’t worry! I will show you how.

Now how can you practice English with songs at home by yourself?
Try the following:

  1. Listen to LET IT BE many times (Enjoy it! Maybe do so while cooking, driving, working)
  2. Fill in the blanks (Listen while reading the lyrics)
  3. Read the lyrics out-loud (Pay attention to the rhythm and pronunciation)
  4. Sing it many times (You don’t have to be perfect. Enjoy!)
    wouldn’t it be nice if もしそうなら、良いと思いませんか
    comfortably (adv.) 心地よく
    above (adj.) 上記の
    find (A) difficult (A)は難しいと思う
    combinations of words 単語の組み合わせ
    broken hearted 傷心の
    complicated (adj.) 複雑な

Do you want to sing?

If you have any songs you would like to try singing, please let me know. We can talk about the song, read the lyrics together, get used to the rhythm and pronunciation, be confident and finally enjoy singing to your heart’s content!


スミス英会話大津校 Chiharu


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  • Hello Chiharu
    Thank you for your nice blog. I like listening to English songs, I also
    think it’s fun to learn English using songs. I gave up singing English songs because I am tone deaf and can’t sing well 😂
    But I think I’ll try again it to practice my English pronunciation.
    First of all, I’ll listen to” LET IT BE” and fill in the blanks!

    • Hello Yumiko!
      I’m happy to know you enjoy listening to English songs. Whose songs do you like? “Let It Be” is such a nice song for listening to and singing. The melody is calming and the lyrics are beautiful. I also recommend a song called “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. Enjoy!

      • Thank you for your reply and recommended song! The lyrics of “Let It Be” relaxes me and cheers me up. I listened to ” Thinking Out Loud”. The song is really nice song, I love it!
        My resent favorite songs are “Smile” by Johnny Stimson and
        “HERO” by Mariah Carey. Both songs make me feel positive.
        I want to keep learning and having fun with English songs.

        • I’m glad you liked “Thinking Out Loud.” I just listened to “Smile” for the first time. This is beautiful! It has a nice message, too. I love Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” too. Whenever I go to karaoke, I sing the song.

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