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Did anything nice happen today?

英会話無料レッスン 6A44
Did anything nice happen today?



・Yes, I had a very good news today. My niece had a baby girl today and both of them are healty.

・When I was cleaning my house carefully I found a lot of CDs. I listened to my favourite songs. For example ZARD, Kyonkyon, Kudo Shizuka, and Yuzu. I felt very good. I like to clean while listening to music.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • Yes, I did. I was happy to be able to talk about baseball with my teacher.
    Baseball is one of American cultures. I was getting want to see “Field of Dreams” again. Take me out the ballgame…♪

  • I was invited by a man I met at the tennis school and played tennis with people I didn’t know. It was fun.”

  • I got an email and video from my younger daughter. Her son, my grandson, has been practicing riding bicycle. He finally learned to ride bicycle today. My grandson in the screen was smiling happily.

  • I got a souvenir from my daughter and her husband for their trip to Italy.
    They said ” It is pasta with prosciutto and cheese inside”.
    I’m looking forward to eating what it tastes like!

  • The bed cover I started making six months ago was finally completed today.
    I’m happy, but I’m lonely.

  • Yes. When I went to the pet shop to shampoo my dog today, many snacks were just discounted. So I was able to make a bulk purchase them for my dog.

  • Plenty of nice things happened last week. Listening to my students talk about their Golden Week holiday was one. I kept a record of their responses: Climbed Mt. Takao, helped grandfather plant garden, saw the “Lion King” musical, visited parents, spent quiet time at home while the rest of the family went to Nara, went to Fukuoka, ran the Honolulu Marathon, dinner with friends, Fukushima for a family reunion, went to Korea, went trout fishing, went to Toyama…And I welcomed 2 new students to Smith’s Sagamihara!

  • Yes, I attended a ceremony once every 10 years at Kawasaki Daishi. It was a new experience for me. I’m going to there again in 10 years.

    • Kenji has a lot of knowledge about temples and shrines in Japan. I’m looking forward to hearing about the ceremony.

  • I started doing yoga again this month. I did yoga very hard. I was sleepy, then I slept about one hour, so I couldn’t go out.

  • Yes I made French toast yesterday and then cooked and ate it today. It was delicious. My boyfriend also said it was delicious. I was happy today.

  • Last week I had caught a cold and I was unwell. On Sunday I felt good and went to karaoke room to sing songs and to play the flute.

    • I am happy to hear that you recovered from the cold and enjoyed singing and playing the flute. I hope to hear more about your karaoke time in class 🙂 Chiharu (OTSU)

  • Yesterday, the weather was nice, so I went on a picnic to my favorite beach with a packed lunch. I got a sunburn. Today, I relaxed at home.

  • Yes, I did. My mother texted me a message telling that I was a good girl , when I sent her a present for Mother’s Day.

  • I had my first web meeting in English for around an hour last evening, and I was utterly exhausted. However, I have recovered today, and I feel a bit of accomplishment.

  • Nothing good happened today. After the lesson, I’m gonna buy some sweets for my family at a convenience store!

  • I received my old friend’s first e-mail on LINE app today.
    She began to use LINE app recently.
    I didn’t meet her for long time, so
    I was very happy to read her e-mail.

  • Yes, I did. I got a jam gift from a patient today. So I’m looking forward to having jam for breakfast tomorrow.

  • I took an AED lifesaving training class today. We Japanese have a lot of natural disasters so far. And I want to do volunteer works with children. I was so refreshed learning about how to do respirator and how to use an AED device. It’s not too late to learn something new whenever you become❢

  • I took a message from a friend of mine from Russia. She said ” I ‘m planning to go to Japan. I will see you this year” How exciting it is. If so, we are able to meet again for 5years.

  • Yes.Luckily,I was able to ride the Hankyu Railway’s Japanese-style train, “The Designs of Kyo-train Garaku” from Kyoto.

  • Yes!I went to kamakura with my friend, by my car.
    In Kamakura, we had lunch time and wandered around the shops.
    Kamakura was crowded and I was tired, but I felt very happy because
    I went to with my friend Yuko.

  • I met my friend and her son on Sunday. I had never played with him before because he is very shy, but I could play with him on Sunday. I think we became friends.

  • I played Japanese chess with my yonder grandson today. He always beat me. I asked him “Can I have some handicap?” He said “No!” We played equally. I lost the game of course. But I had fan playing game with him. Because he had big smile on his face.his smile made me happy.

  • I found a nice donut shop today. I bought two donuts there for me and my husband. I’m looking forward to having them!

  • I woke up early this morning.
    I made a cup of coffee and drank it on the balcony. It was a cool outside and air is nice ,so it tasted special to me.

  • When I took a bullet train from Shin-Yokohama in the evening to go home, I was able to see a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji in the train fortunately.

  • I was feeling a little depressed today but I was happy because I was able to cook well the dish my friend taught me

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