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  • 英会話無料レッスン 2023.10.8

英会話無料レッスン 6A17
Have you done any good deeds recently?


・Recently, I took about 3 hours from Namba station to Nakanoshima station to pick up trash in Midosuji.

・I picked up a student ID card of a junior high school in front of Tsukagchi station and I submitted it to a police box near the station.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • Recently, I picked up a mobile phone in a rest room of a department store and I submitted it to the reception counter.

  • Yesterday I listened to lecture about forest management and practiced to saw some trees . I want to protect nature .

  • I gave present a handmade baby mat to my recently born relative’s child.
    I’m glad that you liked it so much.

  • I helped a elder woman to pull out her stick from doors in the train because her stick got stucked between doors accidently.

  • I went to my aunt’s memorial service yesterday. She didn’t have any children and
    she cherished me like her daughter.I loved her too.
    Potted roses are blooming in my garden now. It is a memento of her who loved flowers.I miss her but I take care of it, remembering happy memories with her.

  • I haven’t done great deeds such as picking up trash on public road recently. However, I usually press Open button so that other people can exit first in an elevator.

  • Last month, I sent a gift to my grandmonthers on Respect for the Aged Day. My grandmothers were happy, and I was too.

  • My aunt past away recently. My father is the closest relatives. I helped my father to get many kinds of documents required for the post-mortem procedures.

  • I had a time so I donated blood at Kobe station last week.
    But I’m terrified to see blood.
    Surprisingly It was the 110th time.
    I hope it helps someone.

  • I bought scallops at Oasis store and ate eight scallops. Recently I have been buying more fish than meat., in my response to China’s ban on seafood imports. By the way, the minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said that he wants everyone to eat five scallops a year.

  • My niece asked me to hand over some my kimonos to her recently.
    She would like to wear a kimono some day.
    So I sent her some kimonos and obis at once.

  • When I cooked a salad a few days ago, I found a small caterpillar on a leaf of lettuce. It was still alive, so, I took it to outside and let it go. Hope it survives the winter and becomes a butterfly or moth..

  • Recently, I got into a lift and saw a woman with a pushchair.
    I pressed the button and said ‘After you’.

  • When I went shopping at the department store, a woman was looking for her lost child. So, I hope to search for her.

  • I was at a station ticket machine and a girl spoke to me in either Spanish or Portuguese. I don’t know why, but I understood her, so I told her in English how to buy a ticket, how much it costs, and how to go through the automatic ticket gate.

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