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Do you have a favorite foreign artist?

英会話無料レッスン 6A24
Do you have a favorite foreign artist?



・Yes, I have some favorite foreign artists. Earth, Wind & Fire, Queen and Billy Joel are my favorites.

・My favorite foreign artist is Lawrence Jalbert. Since she is Canadian like me she is not foreign for me but she is French Canadian so it has a foreign feel for me.

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in 今週のワンポイント英会話無料レッスン by smithweb | November 25, 2023 | 54 comments

  • One of my favorite foreign artists is Nat King Cole.
    My favorite of his songs is ”Smile”.
    When I’m down,I listen to that song, and his voice and the lyrics make me
    feel better.

  • My favorite foreign artist is Vincent van Gogh because I have seen his painting “Sunflowers #5” at the Sonpo Museum in Tokyo.

  • Yes, my favorite for an artist is the Backstreet Boys. They all seemed well and are cool, so I would like to hear them live someday.

  • Yes, I do. One of my favorite foreign artists is Kings of Leon. I really love blues and rock, It’s been 60 years since I started listening to them. I think many these songs have supported me to where I am today.

  • My favorite foreign artist is Ed Sheeran. One of my friends recommended his songs to me. At that time, I have known only his song named “Shape of You”. I listened to some songs, and I noticed their goodness. Out of all his songs, my favorite is “Celestial” because the song makes me feel energetic.

  • My favorite foreign artist is Carole King. I listened to a lot of the soundtrack CD used in the movie “You’ve Got Mail.”

  • I once used to listen to some foreign artists like Billy Joel, but now I hardly listen to music. It is because I always learning English while walking, cooking, etc.

  • Yes, my favorite for an artist is Keith Haring. He’s a pioneer street art. I like his simple and powerful painting.

  • My favorite foreign artist is George Michael. One of his hit songs is Last Christmas, but I love the best is album of Faith.

  • My favorite artists are artists from 80’s.
    For example, a-ha, Bon Jovi, Culture Club, etc.
    I used to listen to it a lot back then.

  • Not a foreign artist
    I’m love Kinki kids and I’m healed by
    their singing voice
    I will go to the concert on New year’s day 2024

  • My favorite foregin artist is Eagles of the American representative rock band in 1970s. My first record that I bought in my life was Hotel California of their 5th album. I still enjoy listening to their country rock songs.

  • My favorite foreign artist is Louis Armstrong because I like his voice and his song, especially my favorite of his song is “What wonderful World”

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