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What helped you to unwind recently?

英会話無料レッスン 6A20
What helped you to unwind recently?


・Recently I went for a long hike down a new trail. The green forest canopy and birdsongs helped me unwind.

・I spent some time on a grass field. Unfortunately, I canceled all my travel plans during GW holidays due to family matters, but lying on the grass under the shining sun helped me to unwind.

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  • I like to drink hot cocoa after work these days because it’s cold outside especially at night.
    It can relieve my tiredness.

  • I listened to music last night.
    It’s an album titled ” The Melody At Night,With You” by Keith Jarrett.
    I often listen to this album at night when I want to unwind.
    The beautiful piano melody makes me feel better.
    By the time I finish listening to it, I can relax and sleep well…

  • I went to Mukogawa in Hyogo for a walk and I saw cosmos today . Their soft pink colors helped me to unwind . There were about 5 million cosmos .

  • Yesterday,I visited my friend’s house with three friends and we ate takoyaki and played some board-game.
    It helped me to unwind.

  • When I was tired of working, I went to my customers office, and went out for lunch with him. Well we were having lunch, we chatted. It helped me to unwind.

  • I went to Kobe Animal Kingdom today. Squirrels, kangaroos and giant tortoises came close to me. They helped me to unwind.

  • Recently, I come home from work, do some house work, and after everything is done I have a relaxing time sitting on the sofa, drinking hot coffee and eating chocolate. So coffee and chocolate helped me to unwind.

  • I don’t unwind because I don’t get wound up in the first place. I love everything I do and although I get tired, I don’t feel stress.

  • Recently, I went to an art exhibition in Osaka.
    My favorite illustrator draws realistic but fantastic pictures.
    It made me feel refreshed and gain motivation for my life.

  • I visited to my niece’s house last weekend.
    I enjoyed with her infant at there. She is so lovely child.
    I unwound so much in the day.

  • I have felt a little stressed because I am too eager for the result of my new business. So I have been trying to relax, breathing deeply, for example. In addition, I make practice it of taking a walk in the morning.

  • When I went to my bed, my feet were not warm, so I want my feet with a hot water bottle. It helped my feet to unwind.

  • Recently I listened to the new album of Rolling Stones,” Hackney Diamonds”. Those songs helped me to unwind. I was surprised with Mick’s youthful voice at 80 years old, their songs were full of the rock spirit. I got happy.

  • It’s a hot cocoa.
    Because it’s very useful for relax and good sleep.
    And then I have a sweet tooth, so I drink it everynight.
    It’s highly recommended for people who want to sleep well.

  • It was my pets. When I came home, they ran up to me wagging their tails and smiling. They were very cute. They soothed my soul.

  • The smell of freshly ground coffee beans relaxes me, and I can’t stop sniffing them when I pick them up at the cash register at KALDI.

  • I recently got a massage on the basement floor of the Tsukaguchi Daiei.
    The skilled masseur made me feel relaxed.

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