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Where is your secret hideout?

英会話無料レッスン 5A31

Where is your secret hideout?



・The terrace at a cafe near my house. Whenever I have time, I go there.

・It’s my room. I relax there by watching TV and listening to the radio. 

・My secret hideout is a bookstore in Tenmabashi. I’m happy reading a book over coffe.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • My secret hideout is the rooftop of our office.
    There is an ashtray, so I often smoke there when I think about the solution for a problem.

  • My favorite spot is the music room in my house.
    Because, I can play the drums in there.
    So, I practice drums every day in the room.

  • My secret hideout is an Ueshima Coffee shop on the 2nd floor of the OAP Tower. The view is nice, spacious and quiet.

  • It’s Kasuga Taisha Shrine.
    It is a famous for power spot.
    So sometimes I go there to refresh, and get a big power.

  • My secret hideout is The Calendar Restaurant in Otsu Station Building. I had often stayed this capsule hotel when I had worked in Otsu. So I can use the restaurant’s Wi-Fi. And we can use the seats longtime!

  • My secret hideout is my classroom because I write my work of art and work while relaxing alone on holiday so it’s my special place

  • My secret hideout is the street from Hiyoshi shrine to Saikyoji temple.
    I can see the the very good view of Lake Biwa.
    I love to run at that street.

  • It’s a certain cafe in Osaka.
    The cafe has a book shelf and we can borrow books.
    I sometime go there and enjoy coffee and books.

  • My secret hideout is Wanda park near my house. I go to there every day with my dog. Not only my dog but also I can relax there.

  • My secret hideout is a bakery cafe in Umeda. It is quiet place and it has Wi-Fi and coffee smell makes me feel relaxed.

  • My secret hideout is corner of the kitchen in my house. Tjere is a stool. I sit on it., and I don’t think about anything, or I hide from my kids and eat snacks.

  • There is in the mountain where I can get good stone. That point is my secret hideout.
    About my plan, when I notice my life’s end, I will go there and become mummy by myself in there.
    This is the last of my expectations in my life.

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