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What did you search for on the Internet recently?

英会話無料レッスン 5A25
What did you search for on the Internet recently?



・Recently I searched on the Internet for a hotel where my friend and I plan to stay at in Kanagawa.

・I search the internet for the meaning of and how to read Chinese characters.

・I searched for easy to cook recipes. I hate cooking everyday.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • Recently I searched the internet for a musical show at The Orix theater because I wanted to get the tichet.

  • I searched for a trattoria, Casareccio on the internet. A Italian owner run the trattoria. I ate there for the first time, but my wife and daughter often go to eat there. All the meals served fit my mouth. The taste was great. My wife said that Mike who is Derek’s friend recommended Casareccio before.

  • I searched for some weather forecasts of Okinawa because I am going to go there at the end of this month.

  • Recently I researched on the internet for “The pillow book of Sei Shonagon.
    Because my son leans it at school and I like Japanese stores.

  • My microwave oven was broken recently , so l searched on the internet for an electric shop that l can buy this product at a low price.

  • I searched for a delicious ramen shop in Umeda for lunch today.
    I found a dried sardines ramen shop and went ate it.

  • Yesterday I searched for a train schedule to go toTakamatsu on the Internet. I found a good plan.

  • I searched on the Internet for the bicycle parking area. I go everywhere by bicycle. My bicycle is big, because it’s an electric bicycle. So, I should serch for multiple bicycle parking areas in the case my bicycle can’t fit in the parking space.

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