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Did you have any fun today?

英会話無料レッスン 5A11
Did you have any fun today?




無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

in 今週のワンポイント英会話無料レッスン by smithweb | February 19, 2022 | 36 comments

  • I was very happy today because I got a present from my friend who lives in Tokyo it’s very famous snack and she send it to me .I got it this morning .it was very famous snack . So it was very good.

  • Unfortunately, I didn’t have any fun today.
    To make matters worse, I have a back pain and I am fatigued from taking care of my mother.

  • No I didn’t. I have fun yesterday talking with my friend. It’s a friend is from elementary school. He told me she passed his exam to go new high school. He was happy.

  • My shop customer who works at a cooking school brought me mackerel patties.
    It was delicious! It went well with beer.

  • I was satisfied that I watched a Chinese movie while eating sweets, and my friend made our dinner which was Japanese cabbage rolls.

  • Nothing. Today was hard in work.
    But I was looking forward to go this class.
    And I’m into a novel which is no fiction.
    It was written about a man who is 24 identity.

  • No, I didn’t.But tonight l’m planning to have dinner at a Spanish restaurant named La Mancha to celebrate my wife’s birthday.

  • No I didn’t have any special. I go to a park with my daughter every Saturday morning, and it is a little fun for me.

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