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What is precious to you?

英会話無料レッスン 5A10
What is precious to you?




無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

in 今週のワンポイント英会話無料レッスン by smithweb | February 12, 2022 | 17 comments

  • To be honest, my precious is my life.
    When I was a young children I was afraid of getting old and die in someday.
    Recently, such a bit foolish idea begins to revive.
    From the next year, I will be 30 years old.
    I would like to live the days that I would not repent.

  • Time to think alone is precious to me.
    I like the time to think alone about work and
    various things
    while drinking coffee,
    and listening to my favorite music

  • My family and friends are precious to me.
    I hope they are going to live in peace
    But it doesn’t seems so easy to keep the peace in the newspapers
    It is huge problems.

  • My family’s health and happiness are precious
    to me.
    And, my own time,too.
    When I have time I go to get a massage and watch movie. This time is important to me.

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