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スミス英会話大津校の生徒、Toshiko さんのハワイ旅行記パート2です。彼女自身が英語で書いてくれました。素晴らしいですよね!Please enjoy!


Hawaii Travel 4th to 9th July, 2010

July 5th, 2010 (Second Day)

That day, I went to golf from early morning. Hawaii has a lot of golf courses. I went to a golf course that is called New Ewa Beach Golf Club which took about 30 minutes by bus. Hawaiian golf differs from Japanese in some respects. There isn’t a caddy so golf play is your own responsibility; we don’t take a rest half-way so we must play through all 18 holes. Also, there are lovely cottages near the golf course. People drink their morning coffee in terraces close by us.

While playing, I saw fallen bougainvillea flowers and coconuts on the lawn. The blue sky and green earth was beautiful as far as the eye could see so I felt good. The round of golf was finished in the morning and I went back to the hotel by 1:30pm.

I took a bus and lightly ate a sandwich in my hotel room. After a short rest, I decided to go to Alamoana shopping center with my friend. We left the hotel at 3:30 pm and got on a free trolley bus because we got some tickets from the tour company. The bus didn’t have windows so it was open and fun. We arrived at Alamoana shopping center. The shopping center has many brand shops. When we were tired from window shopping we drank some fresh juice as we took a rest in the food court.

We stepped over to the large scale Wal-Mart which was full of people and had a really vast market. I didn’t have much power and time for wandering around at that time. After walking around a bit, we decided to return to the hotel.

We were hungry so we went to a Japanese restaurant in the hotel. Foods quality and taste was so-so but when we ate it, we could take a deep breath.

July 6th, 2010 (Third Day)

That day, we took part in the party in the evening so we took an optional tour which went around Oahu Island until afternoon. The tour’s name was “Circle Island Tour”.

First, we went to the foot of Diamond Head by bus and looked at it. On the way, we rode through a high class area, and looked out at the Japanese public figure’s villa. Next, we looked out at Hanauma bay from the bus. Unfortunately, that day was cleaning day for the sea so we couldn’t go near the bay. But actually the surface was clear and many tropical fish were swimming there and we could touch them with our bare hands.

After that, we went to a Macadamia nut garden, Hawaiian soap factory and Doles Pineapple Garden. We were taught things of interest there. We enjoyed free samples and bought souvenirs, and the Pineapple ice-cream cones were great.

At last, we went to Moanarua Garden. The tree in the garden is in a Japanese Hitachi commercial. It’s a monkey pot, rain tree. The half day tour was economical because we got to go to some recommended spots in a short time and could eat lunch. The price was about 90 dollars.

We returned to the hotel. After a rest, we changed our clothes, and then went to the party. This party was the Hawaiian tour’s main event. The 450 members had a get together at the banquet hall on the hotel roof. The dinner at the party was served buffet style. There was Hawaiian food, Japanese food and other food. We saw a Hawaiian dance show, drew numbers for prizes and had a nice time.


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