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スミス英会話大津校の生徒、Toshiko さんのハワイ旅行記パート3です。彼女自身が英語で書いてくれました。素晴らしいですよね!Please enjoy!

Hawaii Travel 4th to 9th July, 2010

July 7th, 2010 (Fourth Day)

That day, I went to play golf from early morning. It took about 30 minutes by bus.

The course name was Waikele Golf Course. I was favoured with fine weather on that day too. I got used to Hawaiian courses, so I had a better score. I returned to the hotel and ate lunch.

After lunch, I decided to go to Waikele Premium Outlet Mall with my friend. Waikele Outlet Park was near Waikele Golf Course so I was surprised. We caught a taxi in front of the hotel, and arrived at Waikele at 4pm. We promised the Taxi driver to meet in front of the Outlet Park at 7pm. And we started shopping separately.

The bags, shoes, dresses, were all low price and charming. But my favourite shop was a golf shop, because the IZOD wear set was about 50 dollars. The set was a cap, a polo shirt, a skirt and sox. The cap and skirt’s prints are lemon yellow check. Lemon yellow is my favourite color. Time passed in an instant, I went to the promised place.

We were tired so we ate Japanese food. We went to “Japanese restaurant Chibaken” near the Hilton which we heard about from a local person. The restaurant had a lot of Japanese foods and the recommended food was “Tekkadon” because Hawaiian tuna is fresh and very delicious and the price was reasonable.

July 8th, 2010 (Fifth & Final day)

I took out my baggage from my hotel room in the early morning. I was getting ready to go home. During the trip, I could enjoy nostalgic things and new things. The length of my stay was short so my schedule was very tight with sightseeing, shopping and playing golf. I had physical strength but I was suffering from sore feet a little.

If I go to Hawaii in the future, I want to stay a long time. I want to rent a sea side condominium and I want to relax and I want to go to play golf and go shopping occasionally.

Until the dream comes true, I want to do my best at my work again.


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