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What Japanese food would you recommend to a friend visiting Japan from abroad?

英会話無料レッスン 6A23
What Japanese food would you recommend to a friend visiting Japan from abroad?



・I would recommend Hot pot. Because Hot pot has many types of flavors. And the rice porridge at the end of the meal is the best!!

・The Japanese food I recommend to my friends from overseas is pork cutlet.

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  • I would recommend to eat sushi in Japan. Because sushi in Japan is much more delicious than sushi in other countries.

  • I would like to recommend rice balls.
    My foreign friends also like them. There are many kinds of fillings in rice balls. They are tasty and I feel like it’s fun to choose fillings!

  • If I don’t have any information for foods he likes , I would recommend Tempura , because I think non-Japanese people like foods that use oil .

  • The Japanese food I recommend to my friends from overseas is sashimi. Fish caught in the Sea of ​​Japan is fatty and delicious.
    I really believe that the combination of Japanese sake and sashimi is the best.

  • I would recommend ramen.
    Although there are many ramen restaurants in foreign country,but I think that they are different taste and service in Japan.

  • I would recommend okonomiyaki and yakisoba to a friend visiting Japan from abroad in Osaka because it’s a healthy and delicious food.

  • I have to say, I recommend soba. My recommended restaurant is Yugiri Soba in Higashi-Umeda. It is my favorite restaurant.

  • I would recommend a hot pot dish yu-dofu (boiled tofu). Because yu-dofu has very simple appearance but it has a subtle and deep flavor.

  • I would highly recommend Soba-meshi.
    It’s a famous local food in Kobe,Hyogo.
    Soba-meshi is a dish of finely chopped yakisoba noodles mixed with rice.
    I think that Soba-meshi is the most delicious local food in the kobe!

  • I would recommend Udon. Udon is a traditional Japanese white noodle which is made from wheat flour. It taste great and it’s very cheap!

  • I would recommend Shabu-shabu.
    I heard on TV that meat like Japanese shabu-shabu is rare because foreigners don’t eat thin slices of meat very often.

  • My recommend Japanese food is Chawan-mushi. It is steamed egg custard with assorted ingredients. It’s kind of Pudding, but not sweet.

  • I would like to recommend sushi.
    Because Japanese sushi is fresh and very delicious. It makes my friend feel Japan.

  • I would recommend a certain soba that I often have. It is pretty unique somehow, but I can’t explain it well. I guess its secret is in its dip. In addition, I would like to take a friend to a certain Yakiniku restaurant where an owner serves special meats for reasonable prices.

  • I would like to recommend Takoyaki that is representive food of Osaka to my freiends from overseas. Because Takoyaki is delicious, cheap and easy to make, so it’s a good way to help them understand Osaka as a town of ordinary people.

  • I would recommend race balls. Because we can easily get them everywhere and we can make them easily.
    Moreover, rice balls have various kinds of ingredients. So, we can enjoy choosing the ingredients.

  • When I went to dinner with my friend who lives in Canada in Osaka he told me that Japanese dashi is very good. So I would recommend something using dashi soup.

  • I would recommend riceball.
    (onigiri )
    Convenience stores sell riceballs.

    My recommended flavor of grilled salmon,tuna mayonnaise.
    But I make delicious salt rice balls at home.

  • Japanese food I recommend is sasimi amberjack because it’s fatty faste and when eaten with snysauce and wasabi is delicious

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