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英会話無料レッスン 6A12
What is your favorite natural view?


・My favorite natural view is Mt. Fuji. I feel that it gives me peace of mind.

・My favorite view is a flower garden in spring. Those flowers have various colours like red, blue, pink and yellow. They are very beautiful.

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in 今週のワンポイント英会話無料レッスン by smithweb | September 2, 2023 | 59 comments

  • My favorit is Suma Beach that is so beautiful place.
    In summer,so many people visit there and they swim and sunbathe.
    I sometimes go to the beach just for see the sea.
    And I like to go the hot spring near the Suma station too.

  • My one of favorite nature view is where there are various kinds of trees.
    Because I can feel the change of seasons.I also love sunlight through trees,
    listening birds singing and watching leaves sway in the wind.
    Walking such a place makes me very relaxed!

    • I love the change of seasons too. Many people would like to live in Okinawa, or Florida USA; but I wonder if they miss the change of seasons? Thank you for writing Yumiko.

  • Like many Japanese,I love the scenery of cherry blossoms in bloom and falling. Whether it is a cherry blossom in the city or a single cherry tree blooming in the countryside where there is nothing,I think both are beautiful.

  • My favorite natural view is the forest. When I’m in the forest, the air is refreshing, and I feel negative ions that rejuvenate my entire body.

  • My favorite view is the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto.
    I saw it for the first time when I was a high school student.
    It was very sunny and the scenery was in the best condition. The natural noise of the wind shaking it was also agreeable.

  • My favorite natural view is Mt. Fuji that I see while driving on the Tomei Expressway.
    Just seeing it makes me feel better.

  • My favorite natural view is the cherry blossom in spring.
    There are some long rows of cherry blossom trees in sagamihara!

  • My favorite natural views are flowers and autumn leaves. One of the best view is many cherry blossom trees and tulips in front of Tateyama mountains covered with snow in Toyama Prefecture.

  • My favorite natural view is the sea, and mountains too. If I see both views in the same situation, my feeling is better.

  • I love the sky in very early morning, just before dawn. Sky has variety of colors from dark blue to orangish-red. So beautiful ! I really feel positive everytime I see the morning sky.

  • My favorite view is KyotoGosyo.It’s in front of my school.There are red leaves and yellow leaves in fall.It’s very beautiful and make me amazing.

  • My favorite natural view is the wide ocean, wide grasslands and night views.
    I like all natural views. I want to go to the countryside.

  • My favorite natural views are the sea, plants, greens, insects, birds, mountains, lakes, sky, clouds and universe. To sum up, all sorts of nature.

  • I like cherry blossom, so my favorite natural view to see cherry blossoms
    in full bloom in spring
    I was able to go to a drinking party under the cherry trees this year and it was fun

  • I like snowy mountains. The silver world of snow is so beautiful . And in the snow mountains ,a cup of coffee is the best.

  • My favorite natural view is a contryside besach where there are no people in Okinawa. When we pass through the sugercane fields, we can get a great view of the cobalt blue sea and pure white sand.

  • My favorite natural view is the sea. I especially like a calm in the evening. It’s spectacular scenery and I feel it accept anything.

  • My favorite natural view is ocean at Okinawa in summer.
    Because it has a terrific view that wonderful colors blue and light green.
    Ocean make me feel happy everytime.

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