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英会話無料レッスン 5A70

Have you eaten something delicious that you would recommend?



・I have had a famous hotdog from a store called Pinks in LA.

・I ate a delicious parfait with a lot of fruit in Okayama. I recommend it when you have a chance to go to Okayama.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • I would like to recommend dumpling. The restaurant is named “Mr. GYOZA” and placed in Kyoto. When I go to Kyoto, I go to the restaurant every time.

  • I recommend japanese style curry.
    There is popular restaurant to serve delicious curry in Tsukaguchi.

  • I have eaten mozuku seaweed tempura in Okinawa.
    It’s popular local food and it was so good!

  • I ate famous eel when I went to Fukuoka.
    It was introduced by Tamori who was born in Fukuoka.

  • Yesterday I went to Kura-zushi for my son’s birthday. I had shrimp with onion and avocado on it. It was delicious. I highly recommend it!

  • I recommend to eat a bite-sized cream puff at a store named “enfant”. The cream puff has full of custard. I have liked it since I was an elementary school student.

  • I’ve eaten “Wayoh” of Awagen. It’s caramelized almonds mixed with fresh cream and coffee.

  • I ate kushikatsu recently in Umeda.
    I have eaten kushikatsu of some restaurants, but the kushikatsu was so good and the texture was crispy and light. It wasn’t heavy. I’d recommend you eat it.

  • A friend of mine who went traveling to Niigata gave me ” Murakami Sennen Sase ” as a souvenir. It is the perfect accompaniment to beer. This salmon food is great.

  • Or Orange. It is from Israel. Maybe it is not so popular, but it tastes really good. Very sweet and juicy. It has a taste of pineapple (or something tropical) a little bit. Usually we can buy Or Orange in this time of year at Hankyu Oasis. But this year, I do not see Or Orange yet. I miss Or Orange so much. By the way, it looks like a Mikan. You can eat without using a knife. If you see Or Orange, please try it !

  • I love a certain yakiniku restaurant where is located at Tenjinbashisuji 2-chome. It just has a counter where can accommodate about eight customers, and the owner is pretty unique. Besides, the atmosphere of this place’s entrance is so peculiar that the first person should hesitate entering there. But dishes are brilliant I’ve never had. I hope you to taste it.

  • I recommend Okonomiyaki. It’s healthy. If you learn how to make it, you can choose your favorite ingredients.

  • I recommend the honey butter almond chocolate that made in Korea.
    It’s delicious.
    The only place it can be bought is at the airports in Korea.
    Whenever I go to Korea, I always buy a lot.
    But my son always eats so much , so I often hide it from him!

  • Yes, Ihave eaten a lot of things like that.
    Recenty I ate a good strawberry “kotoka”, but it was so expensive.

  • Yes, Ihave eaten a lot of things like that.
    Recently I ate a very good strawberry “kotoka”, but it was so expensive.

  • I ate minestrone at school lunch last week. There were a lot of vegetables and it was very delicious. I recommend it.

  • I would recommend eating yakitori at Koshien. I eat it with beer while cheering for the Tigers. It’s awesome!

  • I recommend mille crepes that are sold at doutor coffee shops.
    It tastes good with just the right sweetness.

  • I recommend the rice dumplings called Mitarashi Dango in Japan. This is a traditional Japanese sweet that is served on a wooden stick with salty-sweet sauce based soy. A famous Japanese sweet shop in Juso is recommended because it’s cheep and delicious. The clerk bakes the rice dumplings immediately after listening to a customers’s order. A customers can choose baking conditions. There is a branch in Hankyu Juso Station, so we can buy it easily even on our way home.

  • One of my reccomended food I eaten is Nodoguro that was dried about a day.
    I bought it at a supermarket in Shimane, roast over charcoal, it was very delicious.
    Please try to eat it if you have the opprtunity.

  • I would like to recommend strawberry sandwich.
    When I went to Nara with my family.
    It’s not too sweet.

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