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How many books do you read in a year?



・I read one book at least every month.

・I don’t read books. I like watching movies more than reading so I watch one movie every week.

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  • I love reading, so I often buy books.But I just leave about half of them unread…
    ( It is called ” tsundoku” in Japanese.) I have to read them first before buying new
    books !!

  • I used to read a lot of books. The pace was reading a book every week. But now, I don’t. Because I have concentrated on learning English and I spend most of my hours reading English textbooks now. On the other hand I sometimes read books written in English. But it takes quite a long time to finish one because the speed of reading is rather slow. Fortunately enough, the speed is getting faster and faster thanks to every day efforts.

  • I’d say 5-6 books per year. I used to read more. This year I’m taking myself way back and enjoying many of Hemingway’s short stories.

  • I forgot to read a book. I don’t dislike Books. I found a book that I want to read so I went to Kinokuniya bookstore.

  • I used to read several books every year, but now I don’t.
    I read more than 10 books in an year at most.
    I like “Sangoku-shi” that describes ancient China, and its novel is written by many novelists including Japanese Manga.

  • I almost never read a book,enjoy waching TV drama baced on a novel,
    such as Sengoku piriod story.
    I will make an effort to read a book from now on….lol…

  • I read 18 books last year. Recently I read less and less, I watch the You Tube more and more. I think it’s because that I don’t read novels anymore. The need for escapism, in other words, stress and anxiety might go down.

  • I read 12 books in a year. It is only 1 book in a month. I should stop checking my iPhone in my commute and start reading books more.

  • I read about 2-3 paper books in a year. Now I’m reading a TOEIC official exercise book. And I read a lot of manga by smartphone app. When I was young, I used to read many paper books, maybe about 20-30 books in a year.

  • I used to read a book once a month. But now I read a book every three months. In short, I read four books a year.

  • I think many students are surprised to hear that I read zero books a year. I do a lot of reading though. But I read almost only on the internet.

  • I read ten books in a month.
    Because I’m a librarian so I can borrow books whenever I want to read.
    And I think I read over ten books in a day in terms of manga.

  • I read 10 books in a year. Actually, I just got books I want to read, but I haven’t read them yet.

  • I read only several books a year, because l can get a lot of information on the Internet such as YouTube videos. I feel change of time, because my company recommends studying online video courses such as Udemy.

  • I usually read books in the bed before go to sleep. So sometimes I can read one book in a month, but not always. It depends on the book is interesting for me and I have enough energy to read them. Anyway reading book is my routine for asleep.

  • I dont’t read books😅
    Because I like drawing more than reading books .But books have a great influence on drawing.So I want to do my best to read books.

  • I often read calligraphy dictionary and three novels a year
    I recently read Yuzuru Hanyu’s sayings

  • I read about ten books in a years.
    For my kids, I read about one hundred picture books.
    It’s my favorite time.

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