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英会話無料レッスン 5A64

How do you learn English outside of the lessons at Smith’s school of English?



・I read international news in English for 10 min every morning on the way to my work. 

・I watch dramas and movies with English subtitles on Netflix.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • I get bored easily…,but I study English using smartphone apps
    and write a diary in English every day!

  • Previously, I watched drama in English with Japanese subtitles. Recently, I watch English conversation program on TV every week. But I forget what I learned so quickly.

  • I want to learn English. Especially, I have to practice listening to English. When I go to bed, I listen to the topics. But it is like my sleeping song.

  • Sometimes when I watch an American movie on the internet,I try listening in English as much as possible.

  • As I have no need to rush learning English, these days I ‘m using the dictionary of my choice to study.

  • Tsukaguchi Taisei Koshida / I read the news sights of WSJ and Reuters, but just titles and following some sentences, not whole articles. And I often see Twitter, where I’m following a lot of people who describe in English. I hope I’ll become reading more quickly.

  • Every day I listen to a minute of English news on the radio and write down what I have heard to check if I understand.

  • I sometimes watch movies in English, watch videos on YouTube, and check gossips in English sites. Actually, all of them are not really for studying, but for fan.

  • I sometimes read English grammer books, watch NHK English conversation programs on TV, and watch American movies with English subtitles on Netflix.

  • I sometimes listen some CD’s of English conversation and watch English short dramas with subtitles on You Tube.

  • I use AI English app a few times.this app improves my listening ability, vocabulary and pronunciation.but this app requires a fee.

  • I always read a lot of English books like stories.
    They are thin books, not difficult.
    The book I recently read is A Christmas Carol in English Level 3.
    The book I am currently reading is The Great Gatsby English level 5.
    But Level 5 is still difficult for me.

  • I learn English vocabulary and grammar by application on my smart phone. And I listen to English by watching foreigners’ Instagram. I really want to watch YouTube, dramas, and movies but I don’t have enough time.
    And more, I try to think how to say my thoughts in English.

  • I often listen to the English edition radio once a week, and sometimes I must translate game dialogue from English into Japanese for my husband.

  • I watch dramas and movies with English subtitles on Netflix and U-Next. And I listen to English songs on my smartphone.

  • I sometimes watch foreign news and programs on YouTube and listen to the CDs I used to study English when I was young.

  • I’m learning English on podcast but the podcast has many English programs, my recommended podcast is the Les Perras Podcast.

  • I learn English except Smith, check the word and ideom in the train.
    And I see some youtube video in English, for example digest of formula1 result.

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