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英会話無料レッスン 5A58

What would you say to you if you could see yourself in high school?



・I would say to myself you should study English more.

・I want to say that the time in high school is really short so have fun.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

in 今週のワンポイント英会話無料レッスン by smithweb | February 18, 2023 | 43 comments

  • I would say that you should study and grow up in peace because you would be living independently and not controlled by anyone in the future.

  • If I could meet myself in high school, I would say, hang in there! It isn’t always so bad! Don’t take things too seriously.

  • I’m not in high school yet.
    So if I could see me in junior high school first grade,I want to say that more try speaking English.

  • I would say to myself that you should have interesting to go to foreign countries.
    If so, you might want to learn foreign languages, especially English.

  • Enjoy the brightest time in your life and study so hard to enroll high deviation university!!! High school 3 years were the most memorial time compared with collage 4 years because we had a tough time physically and mentally with my clubmates. Sagami TE

  • I would say to myself the people that you met in high school last a lifetime.
    Because I still hang out with my high school friends a lot and text them every day, and I still keep in touch with my high school homeroom teacher.
    Also, my husband is a classmate of mine from high school.

  • I would say to myself you should be confident yourself without be shy and focus on what you have to do without wasting you time.

  • I’d say to me ‘’You should study English conversation more ‘’ . I studied three tapes of English lessons in my high school . For example reader , grammar , and composition . I had no conversation class then . I should have studied it myself .

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