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Do you have any special christmas memories?

英会話無料レッスン 5A49

Do you have any special christmas memories?



・ I remember I got a present from Santa when I woke up when I was a kid.

・ I wore a Santa costume to give presents to my family once to have fun.

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  • When I was a child, every year on December 24, we had a year-end party with relatives on my father’s side. It was a party that had nothing to do with Christmas in particular.

  • One year when I was very small, we woke up on Christmas morning ran to the Christmas tree, as children do. Under the tree there were few presents. But there were strings. Each string had a name on it. I picked my string, and followed it. The string went downstairs. At the end of the string was a set of skis, boots and poles. There was a set for everyone in the family. Naturally, we went skiing that day. It was wonderful.

  • I went to church with my mother on Christmas Eve every year when I was a child, because she is a Christian. We had a party in the church every time.

  • When my children were little,
    I wanted to give them Christmas presents,
    but I was troubled because they didn’t sleep well,
    (Masaki,Sagamihara Student)

  • When I was a child, I had to buy a lot of cakes because of my work at home, and I had a hard time eating them.

  • When I was child, I had never attended any Christmas party, so that I didn’t have any memories for Christmas.
    But, I now like Christmas season, because I can enjoy eating some special foods and drinking nice wines in the Christmas party of the Smith’s school.

  • When I lived in London, I had a brilliant Christmas time, which was like I have never had.
    Whole London city was illuminated by lots of light every night that atmosphere was fantastic.
    I wish I will be able to feel it at there someday.

  • N0, I haven’t. I n Christmas coming I used to read “A Christmas Carol” by Dickens, while I was single. After having a family, it became the event that all my family set up Christmas Tree and ate stollens and roast chickens. Now my children left home, I think I will read “A Christmas Carol” again.

  • I went to see a movie on Christmas Eve with my elementary school children.
    The title was Shrek.
    I realised after the movie started it’s the English version.

  • When I was child, my parents prepared a Christmas present for few years, so I believed Santacrose exist in real. Sagami TE

  • When I was eleven years old, I found my Christmas present beside my bed at Christmas morning.
    And then I realized Santa Claus was my parents ,because It was a white scarf I wanted before.

  • Yes, I have special Christmas.
    At the piano class I ate the pudding made by teacher enjoyed bingo games
    and exchanged christmas gifts.

  • When I was a child, the day before Christmas, I saw an uncle in the neighborhood hid presents for his children in the trunk of his car.

  • No. I didn’t.
    But. I’ll be working at a theme park this Christmas.
    We want to enjoy Christmas with our customers.

  • When I was a child, I got a Christmas present, ate feasts and played games every year with my family.
    No matter how old I get I’m always excited when the Christmas season comes around.

  • When I was a child,Santa came before Christmas.
    After I took a bath, I went to my room and found the present already on my bed.
    And my father had also come home.

  • I don’t have special good memories, but I a special bad memory. When I was an elementary school student, on Christmas Eve, I wanted to eat chicken. I asked my mother and she bought it for me. I was so glad and ate so much. After that felt bad because I ate too much.

  • Yes, i have special Christmas memories. Four years ago, in 2018, I went to Guam with my family. We have good memories because expeienced a warm Christmas day. It was the first time to go to an other country with my family.

  • Yes, I and my wife traveled to New York and the Caribbean island during the Christmas season for our honeymoon. Seeing the beautifully illuminated Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center at night is a great memory of my lifetime.

  • When I was little, I had a Christmas party with my family.My mother ordered an iced cake every year.
    And when I woke up the next morning, I found a present from Santa by my bedside.

  • I made a christmas cake with my mother when I was young because she loved cooking. To spread fresh cream on the cake was my job.

  • When I was a kid, all my family got together every year on December 24 and I enjoyed a board game with all of them after a special dinner by my mother. Now, I value spending time with my wife.

  • When I was a child every year I woke up I wanted something by my pillow
    I looked forward to christmas every year

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