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What is the one thing you like the most about studying English?

英会話無料レッスン 5A45

What is the one thing you like the most about learning English?



・One thing I like the most about learning English is I can make friends from all over the world.

・I think I like listening to English music more after studying English.

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  • I like to look up things which I didn’t know even in Japanese in order to practice explaining them in English.

  • In my case I’m not learning English, I’m learning Japanese, but the best thing I get is the sense of accomplishment after I can do something well, or say something well or express a new idea.

  • One of my students commented last week that she enjoys reading Manga in English. She knows the stories and picks up new vocabulary.

  • Being consistent is very important. I understand it. I can speak English freely, and Dan teaches me correct English.

  • I feel happy when I connect with foreigners even though my English is not complete.
    Learning English makes me throwing away my hesitation to speak English, and it is a reason why I keep learning.

  • In my case, I like to take communication through talking each other. I don’t speak English very well now, but I want to grow up my English skills!

  • I like talking to people. It is natural to put what I am thinking into words, so I want to do the same in English as well as in Japanese.

  • In my case, learning English is able to communicate with people who are from around the world.
    I used to have some foreign friends, but I have never been satisfied about my English, because it had not been enough.
    So I will learn English more harder, then I wish have conversations with English people except hesitating.

  • One thing I like the most about learning English is I would like to go overseas.
    Then I will speak English with my grandson.

  • It’s to be able to understand the content even a little when I watch foreign videos on YouTube, because I spend more time watching YouTube than TV show, and YouTube videos often don’t have subtitles unlike movies.

  • The one thing I like the most about learning English is to know what I haven’t known. For example, cultures of other countries or some information on the Internet which is written in English.

  • I like the most about learning English is going to English conversion class to be able to speak English and learn English from teacher

  • I want to speak English more and more fluently.
    Of cause I need to use English for my job, but I want to have a conversation with other country people without limitation for language.
    This point is most I like learning English.

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