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What made your heart beat faster recently?

英会話無料レッスン 5A33

What made your heart beat faster recently?



・When I swam 100 meters at swimming school last Friday, my heart beat faster after it.

・When I went to shop by bicycle, a cicada hit my leg.  I hate insects, so my heart beat faster.

・I got a phone call from our customer and he said that he found a mistake in the calculation sheet that I made before. I made a mistake recently so I checked many times with my heart beating faster. After that I knew it was a misunderstanding of our customer.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • Saying my opinion which was not agree with the responsible person’s policy at a sales meeting made my heart beat faster.

  • Recently,Iwent to the hospital.because my knee was hurting and not healing well .The doctor examined me and Iwould have to have surgery.
    Iwas very nervous because it was my first surgery.

  • Last night, I watched women’s major golf competition on TV.
    I was cheering for Ms. Shibuno who was the winner of this competition 3 years ago, and her play made me heart beating faster as well as the game she won before.

  • Nothing! I often do the thought experiment thinking of senile prevention. So fewer surprises and more calmness.

  • When I went to the zoo with my grandson the other day, I was excited about the animals I had never seen before.

  • I went to the concert for the first time in a long time
    My heart was beating faster because I was looking forward to from the day before

  • I sometimes my heart beat faster when I ride my mortercycle.
    A lot of cases, the automobile that is running opposit side, they sometime go over the center line.
    Another case they suddenly appear on my front side from side road.
    The car driver dosen’t understand these action makes dengerous situation for the mortercycle.

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