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What Japanese food would you recommend to a friend visiting Japan from abroad?

英会話無料レッスン 5A23
What Japanese food would you recommend to a friend visiting Japan from abroad?



・I would recommend soba. It is healthy, simple, and delicious.

・Dango is delicious. So, I would recommend dango.

・I would recommend ramen to a friend.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • I recommend okonomiyaki.
    there are a lot of ingredients in it.,so I think it’s a nutrientーrich

  • I recommend sweets that are available in Japanese cake shops.
    They have a wide selection of cakes that always looks tempting.

  • I would recommend tecchiri, a balloon fish hot pot. Because I think it must be interesting to eat fish that are poisonous.

  • It’s tempura. Tempura is so simple taste but it’s made by a lot of materials and so my friend would enioy it very much.

  • I would like to take the friend to “Koryoria” a small Japanese-style restaurant. Because I think there are all elements of Japanese food in there.

  • I would recommend Hot pot.
    Because Hot pot has many types of flavors.
    And the rice porridge at the end of the meal is the best!!

  • It’s somen. It looks cool and you can eat it right away, even if you don’t have an appetite. Recommended for measures against heat fatigue.

  • When my friend who is from Canada came to Japan the first time, I took him to a takoyaki restaurant. We can cook takoyaki by ourselves at the restaurant.
    He told me that he was able to experience Osaka culture.
    So I’d recommend “takoyaki”

  • I would recommend miso soup and rice. They are usual food. And they are good to know the Japanese lifestyle.

  • I would recommend Okonomiyaki to foreigners.
    Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake made from flour, eggs, cabbage and is topped with the rich Japanese sauce.
    I think foreigners like this sauce.

  • I would recommend Yakitori. Because Yakitori is matching well with Sake and is delicious, chicken is low in fat and is healthier than pork and beef.

  • I would recommend Taicyaduke to a friend.
    It is rice with soy sauce flavor raw fish and pouring Japanese tea or Dashi.

  • My recommendation of Japanese food is Okonomiyaki the take away of my Okonomiyaki shop is near my home is cheap and delicious

  • I would recommend “Takoyaki”.
    Of course, Takoyaki is delicious. Not only that, the process of making it is fun. Do you think that the ingredient of Takoyaki is only octpus? The answer is NO. You can put in cheese, konjac, and kimuchi. If you put in chocolate, it will taste like sweets.
    I want to make them with you , and have fun.

  • I would recommend Mayonaise from Kewpie. Because I use it as a comdiment for almost all dishes, like chips, chicken and of course vegetables!

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