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What was the toughest thing about today?

英会話無料レッスン 5A20
What helped you to unwind recently?




・Last Sunday I talk with my son who lives in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture on Line video. I was relieved to see my nine month old granddaughter. Her face was round and had apple like cheeks.

・Watching an animal movie helped me unwind. A dog was doing yoga with a woman. It was cute.

・My friend in Shizuoka gave me green tea. The special product of Shizuoka gave me green tea. That helped me to unwind.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • Nowadays, there have been a lot of hard situations, so I can’t think of anything to unwind.

  • Recently I went for a long hike down a new trail. The green forest canopy and birdsongs helped me unwind.

  • I visited my friend.
    Her husband gave me some
    Japanese butterber.
    He likes to get edible wild plants.

  • I went to listen a rakugo performance at the Tenma Tenjin theater last Wednesday.
    I enjoyed it and laughed so much.

  • I spent some time on a grass field.
    Unfortunately, I canceled all my travel plans during GW holidays due to family’s matter, but lying on the grass under shining sun helped me to unwind.

  • Today I made a presentation document for the seminar in May.
    I summarized a lot of data and calculate it to make figure for easy understanding.
    This task was tough because I couldn’t take a rest from 8AM to before lunch time.
    It is my toughest thing today.

  • My grandson was here during Golden Week, so we enjoyed playing in the park together.
    It was fun.

  • I slept in bed with my pet. And the pet was sleeping wrapped in my blanket. This is my unwind event.

  • I grow banyan trees and pachira. Recently, a new leaf has come out. It was beautiful when it shook in the wind.

  • I went to the Imperial palace for the first time last week and I walked in the garden feeling reIaxed while looking at the building and flower

  • I watched a video on Youtube which was about a big toy poodle.
    The toy poodle sank into a couch and put its paw on the arm rest.
    That looks like an old guy.

  • When I went to my company, I found a cat which showed and hid its face from between buildings. It helped me unwind

  • Last Sunday I went to the park near JR Tsukaguchi station. A lot of azaleas were in full bloom. I was a little tired but it helped me to unwind.

  • When I came home exhausted, my budgie Piroshi was already overjoyed at my coming back before I opened the door. That helped me to unwind.

  • I spent a relaxing time at the cafe with my friend when I was off work. The cafe waz cozy , so we stayed 5 hours. That time helped me to unwind.

  • I saw a video of a jumping spider on internet.
    It is very small but gesture of it is very cute.
    Especially inclining it’s head to the side makes me unwind.

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