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Tell us about a conversation you had recently.

英会話無料レッスン 5A18
Tell us about a conversation you had recently.



・Recently I had a conversation with my mother because it is my mother‘s birthday. I will go out for lunch with my mother on that day.

・Recently, I talked to co-workers about the new uniforms. I haven’t seen them yet, but my co-workers were saying, “They are uncool!”

・I had a conversation with my friend about heatstroke. We were old people, so we had to take care of ourselves.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • I talked with my boss when we would be able to start traveling abroad, which has been suspended due to COVID 19.

  • I went to a hot spring in the southern Osaka with my friends last week.
    When we were walking around there, we found a young woman picked up some bamboo sprouts.
    We chatted about them with her, she gave us some bamboo sprouts after that.

  • Recently I had a conversation with a nurse in the Kyoto blood donation center. Now it’s in short supply the type A blood in Japan. So the center asks to donate by SNS.

  • I had a conversation with my friends about Carbon-Neutral. I thought developing countries have the right to enjoy progress. It may be selfish of developed countries to overdo Carbon-Neutral.

  • I talked to my family about the dog training class. I plan to go a training class because I’m having trouble with my dog’s discipline.

  • Recently I had a conversation with my boss about Smith’s School of English. Because he quit another English school in 3 months.

  • Recently I had a conversation with my daughter.Because her son’s started 4th April and went to nersery school.

  • I had a conversation about a name of child with my family. my wife is going to have the second child in this June.

  • I had a conversation with my son about his new school life.
    He became a junior high school student in April this year, so I asked him about the atmosphere of his class, teacher and classmate.

  • I talked with my cousin on the phone about our uncle’s funeral ceremony for the first time in a few years.

  • During the study meeting I talked with my teacher about my work of art in the exhibition and I decided to write a four―letter idiom

  • I went to Koshien Stadium last sunday. But the Hanshin Tigers lost…I had a convention with my husband about why the Hanshin Tigers are weak :'(

  • Recently, I had a conversation about “Asa mac” with my friend. Usually I order “Asa mac” combo, but I knew that I don’t need the hush browns.

  • Sometime we hear the comment for the covid-19 from people who are in the prosperous street on the news.
    They are afraid form covid-19 if they catch it. it is most of their comment.
    I and my wife had a conversation about it.
    our common recognition is their thinking is contradictory.
    And one more funny comment, they are surprised about a lot of people who are in the sight seeing area.
    I and my wife said “one of the people is you!!”.

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