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Is there anything that you would like to learn to do?

英会話無料レッスン 5A17
Is there anything that you would like to learn to do?


・Yes there is. I’d like to learn to be good at talking to people. I’m ashamed to say that I’m not good at talking to people because I’m shy and easy to get nervous. I quickly get confused what I should talk about and I search for the correct answers.

・I would like to learn to play soccer.

・I would like to speak and understand English more.

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  • I would like to learn how to look at the big picture. I believe that it helps when things don’t go the way I want them to go.

  • yes i have .i would like to become great violinist .because i went to violin recital yestaday the player was 11years ,his talent was great .I am very affcted easely.

  • Yes there’ re a lot of things. But no talent no time and no patience. So I’d like to keep learning English.

  • Yes. I’d like to play piano. I can’t play it currently. Yesterday I talked about it with my care facility’s workers. If I become to play it, I want to use the “music care method” for its residents.

  • I’m not good at cooking
    I want to be able to cook efficiently and enjoyable not looking at the recipe

  • I would like to learn more programming skills. Because these was a big change such as adopting a holding company system in my company, the mission of my department changed from hardware business to software business.

  • I want to speak English more fluently.
    I am particularly poor at listening to English.
    So, I must learn English more.
    I can have discussion more easily to the other country people if my skill is better.

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