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Did you learn anything new today?

英会話無料レッスン 5A15
Did you learn anything new today?



・Yes I did.  I learned that you can type letters just by pressing the “SHIFT” key on the keyboard.

・I learned that when making barley tea at home, adding a spoonful of instant coffee powder makes it delicious.

・I learnt today that Nobunaga Oda, general manager of Sengaku period (the age of Civil War in Japan) had a lot of children, more than 20.

無料体験レッスン (マンツーマン・完全予約制)のお問い合わせはコチラから!

  • I learned that Shouich Yokoi left a lot of audiotape including his real image of war inside. We can’t hear all still now.

  • Today, I saw the best work of the “World Nature Photography Award” and learned for the first time that leopard seals eat penguins.

  • I learned that Ukrainian President Zelensky is a former actor and that he was in a drama in which he played the president.

  • I learned that the country closest to Japan is Russia. I’ve almost forgotten the Northern Territories. Taiwan or Korea were in my mind.

  • No,I didn’t learn anything new today but last week,I learned that architect’s jobs are divided into specialities.

  • I finally found the location of the Osaka Station Building.
    Because there were many buildings with similar names and I got lost.

  • I was suprised know for Camelon Dias is retired from actress already. And also I was suprised that she has a 2-years-old daughter, even through she is 49 years old! This news made me happy.

  • Today I learned an English word “plenty “.
    It means like “many”,”enough”.
    I was included in a message which had been by my friend .

  • Yes, I did. 春分のひ (vernal equinox) is decided by the position of the Sun and the Earth. So this year, it was the 21st of March. But last year, it was the 20th of March. I was surprised.

  • Yesterday,cherry blossoms blow in Osaka. Osaka meteorological observatory announced this. Soon we’ll be able to see many flowers!

  • Sometimes I checked my son’s homework.
    I and my son don’t like Math.
    We recently studied it together.
    I leaned how to solve a math problem that I couldn’t do when I was a junior high school student.

  • I learned that the President of Ukraine was an actor,and he appeared in one film as a president. It’s interesting.

  • I saw today’s morning edition and learned that a lot of pollen flying
    I had hay fever and my nose was itchy aIl day today

  • I like gerberas, they are plants originated in southern Africa.
    I learned the flower language of gerbera is hope.

  • I learned that many kind of breads made from a new bakery that opened last year near Tsukaguchi Elementary School is delicious.

  • I didn’t learn anything new, but I was surprised that my son could make a chocolate moose by himself without my help yesterday.

  • I carried someone else is trash that was placed in the apartment lobby to the trash.
    The shared trash station is a little far from the entrance, and it gets wet on rainy days, so they probably left it at the entrance.

  • It is bit cold today in spite of near the end of March.
    The weather forecast said it will snow in Kanto area.
    And they said we had a lot of situations in the past.
    So, the current low temperature are not so rare.
    It is my new knowledge.

  • I learned for the first time, that Costco’s pronunciation is “KO·SU·(to)·KO” and IKEA’s pronunciation is “A·I·KE·A”.

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