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Welcome to Otsu School’s Weekly Newsletter Challenge.

Please read the blogs and other page links in the newsletter and do your best to answer the following questions.

Sometimes you will find all the answers in one link. Other times you may have to search all of the links!

We look forward to checking your answers and discussing in class with you next lesson.

Good luck!
Edward & Chiharu

June 2nd Newsletter Fun

Please read “Interview with Michael.

Q1 Where is Michael from?

Q2 What kind of job did he do for 20 years?

Q3 For Michael, what is the best sandwich?

May 26th Newsletter Fun

Please read Chiharu’sLET IT BE聴いて歌って
& “Interview with Jim

Q1 What English songs do you like listening to and/or singing?

Q2 What advice does Jim have for students?

Q3 For Jim, what is the best sandwich?

May 19th Newsletter Fun

Please read Sven’s “Repeating Lessons: Learning English Hints”
& “Interview with Chiharu”

Q1 According to Sven, when and how should we repeat our lessons?

Q2 What does Chiharu enjoy most about teaching English?

Q3 For Chiharu what is the best sandwich?


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