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Nanaimo BC Canada

49°09’51”N 123°56’11”W

Population: 99,863 (2021 Census)

Public Space in Downtown Nanaimo

Nanaimo is a city on the west coast of Canada. It is on Vancouver Island about 55km west of Vancouver. Nanaimo has a population of just under 100,000 people. People from Nanaimo are called Nanaimoites.

Nanaimo was originally a coal mining town and a trading post. The oldest building in the city is the Bastion, which was a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post and mini-fort. The town was settled as Colvile Town by the HBC, but was changed to Nanaimo in 1858. The name Nanaimo is an anglicized version of the local native tribe, the Snuneymuxw.



Swy-A-Lana Lagoon: A Seaside Park in Downtown Nanaimo

Though Nanaimo is not a huge tourist destination, it does have some wonderful sites. There is seawall and seaside walkway running the length of the downtown core. There is a quaint shopping district called The Old City Quarter and several large malls in the north end of the city. There are several lakes for swimming and boating in summertime. Scuba diving, fishing, whale watching and bungee jumping are all popular activities.


Nanaimo is known as the Harbour City, as it has numerous beaches, marinas, bays and marine sports activities. It was known as the Hub City for many years for 2 reasons. First is the shape of the downtown core, which is shaped like a wheel and spokes. Second is that Nanaimo is the landing point for the primary ferry service between Vancouver Island and the mainland of Canada. It is a hub for people living in neighbourhood cities to access Vancouver and the rest of Canada.


The weather in Nanaimo is very nice. Winter is cold but with not much snow. Summer is warm and not humid, with a cool breeze off the ocean. Spring and Fall are mild with enough rain to keep everything green but not so much as to cause trouble. Nanaimo is a popular retirement destination.


Nanaimo’s sister city is Saitama in Japan.

Nanaimo is home of the Nanaimo Clippers, a junior A hockey team.

Nanaimo also has a junior level lacrosse team, the Timbermen.

Famous Nanamoites:

Diana Krall (World Renowned Jazz Singer)

David Gogo (Internationally Famous Blues Musician)

Frank Ney (Former Mayor of Nanaimo)

Ingrid Jensen (Jazz Trumpeter)

Edward Iwaskow (English teacher in Otsu Japan!)

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