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ESL Story: A Student’s Trip to Hong Kong


スミス英会話大津校で日々英語を教えている私やChiharuやAndrewには、楽しみにしていることがあります。それは、旅行から帰ってきた生徒さんの話を聞くこ とです。教室には、生徒さんの旅の写真を集めたボードもあり、まるで自分がその国々へ行ってきたかのような楽しい気持ちになります。 今回、私たちの生徒、Toshikoさんの香港旅行記を皆さんにも読んでもらいたいなと思います。この旅行記は、彼女自身が英語で書いてくれまし た。彼女がスミス英会話大津校に通い始めて以来、メキメキと英会話力を伸ばし、その上達振りには本当に関心します。この旅行記にも、彼女が日々頑張ってい る成果がよく現れていて、私たちも誇らしい気持ちでいっぱいです。

Hong Kong Travel
July 6-9

By Toshiko, Smith’s School of English Ohtsu Student

July 6 (First day)

I woke up at 4:00 am.
I met my friend in front of my house.
My friend’s name is Miyako.
We went to the parking area in Otsu at 5:30,
Next, we got on the shuttle bus for Kansai airport.

We left Osaka at 12:00am.
We arrived in Hong Kong at 4:00pm Japan time but it was 3:00pm HK time.
Then we went straight to Lang Ham Place Hotel, and went to our hotel room.
The room was high-tech,and had a good atmosphere.
We drank tea, and had a rest.

After our rest, we went to Lang ham Place shopping center.
It has 200shops in a spiral mall.
I bought souvenirs and silver flower earrings.
We ate dinner in a Sichuan foods restaurant.
My Ma-boo- tofu was very hot.
We went to bed at 12:00pm.

July 7 (2nd day)

We woke up at 5:30am, and had breakfast at 7:00.
Then we took a half day sightseeing in Hong Kong town.
First, we visited Victoria peak. It’s an observatory.
We saw the Hong Kong town view and took pictures.
Lunch was Dim sum in a Shanghai foods restaurant.
After that, we went to a park near the sea.

In the Evening, We took part in my connection company’s party in the hotel at 6:00pm.
I got a present for joining the party. It was a flower design Chinese character nameplate, and we ate nice shanghai foods. We enjoyed the party.

July 8 (3rd day)

We woke up at 6:00am, then ate breakfast.
We got on a tour bus, arrived at Hong Kong port at 10:30.
We got on a ferryboat(Jet foil), left for Macao at 11:00am.
I slept on the boat for an hour.
We arrived in Macao at 12:00pm.
We did sightseeing in Macao City.
First, we went to a church face. Then we walked around Macao town.
In Macao town, the old buildings were painted colorfully.
Next, we went to Casino town.
In Casino town, there were a lot of new buildings built.

We went to Macao tower. People from my tour group said that people can bungee jump from the tower.
My lunch was all you can eat, it wasn’t delicious but I ate an egg-tarte.
After lunch, We went to a casino. But I played slot machine for only 20 minutes because we didn’t have time.
At Night, we ate Chui chew foods in Hong Kong. It had a delicate taste.
After our dinner, we saw Hong Kong’s famous million dollar night view.
It was a wonderful view.
We went to bed at 11:00pm

July 9 (Final day)

It was our returning day.
We woke up at 6:00am and our baggage were taken out from our room at 7:00am. Then, we had breakfast.
We got on a bus at 9:00am, went to the duty-free shopping center.
I bought souvenirs and only looked at brand-name goods.
After lunch, we left for the airport.

We departed Hong Kong at 3:00pm.
I watched a movie in the airplane.
The Movie title was “Fake bill” It was a Japanese movie.
The story was amusing.
We arrived in Japan at 8:00pm Japan time.
Next time, if we go to Hong Kong, we want to go sightseeing independently.

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