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英会話無料レッスン 5A75

Do you have favorite sweets or snacks from a foreign country?



・I love every chocolates from the company called Cadbury from England.

・My favorite snack is Takis chips from Mexico. It’s delicious with a spicy and sour taste.

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  • 1.I love TimTam that is chocolate from Australia. There are several kinds of Timtam . I recommend white taste.
    2.When I went to Canada and studied in an English language school for two weeks, my teacher bought chips of ketchup taste for us. I’ve never eaten the chips, but I liked them very much. After that I bought them a lot and brought to Japan.

  • I really like cherry blossom chocolates. I had them when I was a kid, and they are the one truly sweet thing that I like.

  • I like “Tim Tam”, an Austrian chocolate cookie. You can buy five kinds at Seijo Ishii, but you can also buy only “Original” at Pantry in SOCOLA, Tsukaguchi.

  • I like Kitkat and I love black package one.
    It is low in sugar and it is high in
    I want to eat it when I’m tired.

  • I loved Reese’s. The combination of sweet chocolate and salty peanuts butter was irresistible when I was younger.

  • I loved Reese’s. The combination of sweet chocolate and salty peanuts butter was irresistible when I was younger.

  • One of my favorite snacks is “Pringles”.
    It’s like potato chips that originated in America.
    I especially like sour cream&onion flavor.
    The bearded uncle of the brand character is also cute!

  • I liked snickers when I was a child.
    My father liked it, so we often had together .
    That was a fun time for me.

  • I’d have to say, I like macaroons.
    When I went to France 20 years ago, I ate it for the first time.
    It was delicious.

  • For some reason I never liked sweets. But Japanese cakes, etc., are okay because they are not as sweet as in the USA. Everything is too sweet in the USA.

  • I rarely eat sweets and snacks. But I like to eat local sweets and snacks when I go on domestic trips.

  • My favorite sweet is a biscuit named “Monte Carlo” sold by Arnott’s. Arnott’s Monte Carlo biscuits are put vanilla cream and cherry jam between two biscuits. When I was a high school student, I went to Australia in order to study English. My host family served them and I was surprised by their deliciousness.

  • Yes,I have.My favorite snacks from a foreign country is coconut chips from Thailand. I got the chips as a souvenir.

  • I like Turkish Delight, which is a traditional European sweet. I assume it is from Turkey, but typically British people eat it in old books and movies. It is soft and chewy, similar to warabimochi, with flavored powdered sugar sprinkled on it. It is hard to find and I have only had it when kind friends brought it back from their travels.

  • Yes I do. I love Loacker Wafers Creamkakao. Oh it is crispy waiver is filled with cocoa cream. It is often sold in supermarkets in Japan.

  • I love chocolate, and one of my favorite chocolate is macadamia nut chocolate of Hawaiian Host. It’s very delicious!

  • I used to eat gummy candies when I was younger. Besides that, my mother sometimes gave me foreign countries candies that had different atmospheres from domestic ones.

  • My favorite snack is TimTam from Australia.
    The first time I went abroad was Australia,and I liked it at that time.

  • Yes I have a lot. Tim Tams, Haribo, Oreo, McVities, Walkers, Loaker, Cheetos…
    I have too many favorite snacks, so I can’t write them all.

  • I love Hershey’s chocolate among foreign sweets. Particularly, when I was a child, I often ate Hershey’s kiss chocolate candies that my mother bought at Ikari Supermarket.

  • I like chocorate. especially with nats.
    For example, FERRERO is one of the most favorite sweets.
    It is a little sweet for me but I eat with coffee or tea, it is very nice.

  • I get souvenirs from Hawaii and I like
    macadamia nut chocolate made in Hawaii Host and Honolulu cookies

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