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  • Let`s go to the German Octoberfest in Tennoji! 天王寺のオクトーバーフェストへ行きましょう!

Let`s go to the German Octoberfest in Tennoji! 天王寺のオクトーバーフェストへ行きましょう

When? On Sunday 23th – meeting in Fuse Station at 12:30 in front of “Vie de France”

いつ?9月23日の日曜日 1230に布施駅 「Vie de France」前集合。

What do we do? Just go together and have lunch and maybe a beer.


KIDS welcome? Yes certainly, Kentaro will come, too. If it is boring, we can visit the zoo.


How much? Just your own entrance fee (150Yen), drinks and food.



in The Small Room by Sven | August 6, 2012 | 0 comments

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