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  • スミス英会話大津校のエドワードです Hello! This is Edward from Smith’s in Otsu!

Hello! This is Edward from Smith’s School of English in Otsu, Shiga prefecture.

私はカナダ人だ。カナダで「ナナイモ」出身。ナナイモ市は、バンクバーからフェリーで1時間半だ。ナナイモは「Vancouver Island」にある小さな町で、山と海に囲まれ緑がたくさんある。今大津市に住んでいる。大津市も山と湖に囲まれているから僕はとても嬉しい!I’m Canadian and I come from a city called “Nanaimo”. Nanaimo is one and a half hours from Vancouver by ferry. Nanaimo is on Vancouver Island and is situated between the mountains and the ocean, so there is a lot of greenery there! Now, I live in Otsu City, which is also situated between the mountains and the lake so I am quite content living here.

I have many hobbies. First, I love photography and cameras. I often go to flea markets in search of camera components! Adrian for Smith’s Hirakata and John form Smith’s Kawanishi also love photography, so we often chat about cameras and so on. Another hobby of mine is ice hockey. Living in Shiga is great because we have a really nice ice arena and I can play regularly.

よろしくお願いします!Until next time,

Edward, Teacher- Smith’s School of English Otsu

in Ohtsu, The Small Room by Mark | June 17, 2010 | 0 comments

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