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A02 Let's Meet

Let's Meet

Let’s meet at Hankyu department store then we can eat lunch together.

Let's Meet

Let’s meet at Osaka station at 9:00 am then we can wait for our train on the platform.

Practice #1a Finish It

Planning to meet a friend.
Let’s meet at ... station.
Let’s meet in front of ...
Let’s meet at ... (am/pm).
Let’s meet and then go to ...

Practice #1b Questions

Plan to meet up with your teacher or classmates.
Use these questions:
Where should we go?
Where should we meet?
What time should we meet?
What should we bring with us?
Who else should we invite?

Practice #2 Questions

Where do you usually meet friends?
How often do you meet your friends?
What do you usually do with friends?
What day do you usually meet your friends?
Where do you usually go with friends?

If friends come to your house, where do you usually meet them?

Practice #3 Sample Discussion

A: Do you want to go to the movies with me?
B: Sure. When are you free?
A: How about this Friday?
B: OK. Where should we meet?
A: Let’s meet at the movie theater in Hillside Mall.
B: OK. Let’s meet at 5pm and then we can have dinner before the movie.
A: Good idea. Then let’s meet at the food court instead.
B: Great. See you at 5pm on Friday at the food court.

(Return to top, switch roles)

Talk about going to a local theme park.

Let's Meet

Talk about meeting up and going to a game center.

Let's Meet

Plan a hike with friends.

Let's Meet

Make a plan to go to the local pool with someone.

Let's Meet

Advanced Discussion Questions

How often do you meet up with friends?
Do you wish you could meet up more often?

At your local station, where do people usually meet?
Why is this spot popular for meeting?

How has meeting up with friends changed over your lifetime?
How has technology changed how people meet?

Advanced Discussion #1

Imagine you are meeting a famous celebrity.
You have to arrange the meeting.

You have unlimited resources and can do anything you want.

Be creative! Describe in detail what you would do.

Alternate plans:
 Organize a class reunion

Organize a family reunion

Plan a work dinner party

 Plan a 2-day trip with a friend

Advanced Discussion #2

Discuss the differences between
 1. Meeting Friends & Meeting Family
2. Business Meetings & Personal Meetings