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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 9 : Yet Another Dud Airport



Lesson 9: Yet Another Dud Airport / VIDEO Script

Hi Al. What do you think about Tokyo gaining a new airport. Tokyo’s as lucky as we are, with our 3 airports here in Kansai. I wonder where they expect to find all the extra passengers. Maybe we’ll get airmiles with our Yakult deliveries.

Yes John. You mean the new Ibaraki Airport. Amazing, isn’t it: a country this size with 98 airports. Wow! Although it’s not really in Tokyo, Ibaraki Prefecture locals are pinning their hopes on it being a third airport for Tokyo, alongside Narita and Haneda. I wonder how much use they’ll get out of it?

Well they do have 2 daily flights lined up: to Kobe and Seoul. It appears that the original estimate of demand was way over the top when the decision was made to build Ibaraki Airport. This seems to be quite a common complaint when it comes to expanding Japan’s tally of airports.

So, how is this new airport going to turn a profit. Surely with only 2 flights a day it’s going to be deep in the red for the foreseeable future. I wonder how many of the 98 airports are making money and not living off the tax that you and I pay.

Well Al. I hear that only 8 of 69 have exceeded expectations. Why so many airports have been built is beyond me. Do you have any idea what’s behind it? It must be in somebody’s interest to build them.

John, between the two of us, 20 of the 27 corporations that handle security and parking at the airports employ hundreds of retired bureaucrats. So the decisions are probably not purely in the public interest. But hey! Maybe they can deliver NATTO by air all over Japan from the new airport. Isn’t that what Ibaraki prefecture is famous for?

Yes, now there’s an idea and maybe they could make a profit!


  1. What did John ask Al?
    1. Had Al flown to Tokyo’s new airport.
    2. What did Al think of Tokyo getting a third airport.
    3. Did John like getting Yakult for his airmiles.
    4. Why Tokyo had dug up so many passengers.
  2. What did Al say regarding Japan’s airports?
    1. That he was happy that Tokyo had been pinned to Ibaraki Prefecture.
    2. That Narita and Haneda airports should be in Ibaraki.
    3. That he thought that Japan may have too many airports.
    4. That Ibaraki Airport would be over used.
  3. What did John say about Ibaraki Airport?
    1. That there would be only 1 national and 1 international flight a day.
    2. That there are a lot of complaints from customers.
    3. That most aircraft would fly over the top of the runway.
    4. That it was estimated that Japan would have a tally of airports.
  4. What did Al say to John about Japan’s airports?
    1. That they were between the two of us.
    2. That the decisions to build new airports may not be based on real demand.
    3. That most of them were built on bridges.
    4. That hundreds of bureaucrats handle luggage.