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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 8 : Japan Picks Over Bones of Vancouver Medal Tally



Lesson 8: Japan Picks Over Bones of Vancouver Medal Tally / VIDEO Script

John, how did your students feel about Mao Asada having to settle for 2nd place in the figure skating at the Olympics? My lot seemed pretty satisfied with the less than ideal outcome.

Yes Al, I was mildly surprised that they were happy with the result and proud of Mao’s achievement. Back in England the public would have been sorely disappointed at their darling not getting top spot.

Mind you, one of my students felt that she should have been better rewarded for nailing 3 clean triple Axels. But it seems that some are not satisfied with Japan’s haul of merely 5 medals, and not a single gold. Our neighbours, South Korea and China, fared much better with 14 and 11 medals respectively.

That appears to be the case. The chief of Team Japan said “As team Japan, we wanted to win gold”. She also stated that they would like to unite as one and grab a medal in Sochi (venue for the next winter games). She also asserted that more support should be forthcoming from the Japanese Government.

Yes, I see that South Korea shells out around $10billion annually to strengthen Olympic class athletes while Japan only invested $2.7 billion. But there are critics who believe that Japan should not try to emulate countries like South Korea and China, who place too much emphasis on sports where they are likely to win medals, at the expense of other sports.

Yes, but others are of the opinion that Japan’s approach to sport is far too bureaucratic. Did you know that Japan’s party attending Vancouver 2010 consisted of more officials than athletes: 111 to 94, while South Korea’s figures were 37 officials to 45 athletes. I think that these critics may have something there.


  1. What did Al ask John?
    1. Did John’s students enjoy the figure skating at the Winter Olympics
    2. Were John’s students satisfied with being less than ideal.
    3. How did John’s students feel about Mao Asada not winning a gold medal.
    4. Did any of John’s students figure skate.
  2. What did Al say that one of his students felt?
    1. That Mao should have been given more points for nailing 3 triple Axels.
    2. That Japan should have scored more triple Axels.
    3. That Japan’s medal haul should have been nailed.
    4. That Japan should have hauled 5 gold medals.
  3. What did John Say that the chief of Team Japan had said?
    1. That the Japanese government should support the price of gold.
    2. That the Japanese team should grab medals if they couldn’t win them.
    3. That the Japanese team never wanted to win gold.
    4. That the Japanese team should work together to do better at the Sochi Winter Olympics.
  4. What did John say was an opinion held by some in Japan?
    1. That the Japanese team should attend more parties.
    2. That there should be more bureaucrats in Team Japan.
    3. That South Korea should have more critics.
    4. That there were too many officials on the Japanese team.