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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 7 : Palro Robot



Lesson 7: Palro Robot / VIDEO Script

Mai, are you interested in robots?

Not so much but what’s up? Did you find a new toy for your kids for Christmas?

Well, I was reading the tech section of the Japan Times today and I came across an interesting write up about a small robot from Fujisoft called the Palro, short for Pal Robot.

So what’s so cool about it. Can it sing and dance?

As a matter of fact it can dance and talk and even recognize your voice. I was thinking that it might be a good replacement for a pet for you and unlike a cat it won’t need a litter box.

Oh thanks! Just what I need! …. a robot that dances and talks! Can it mix me up a mango smoothy while I surf the net?

Sorry Mai. You’ll have to get your boyfriend to do that!

Questions: (In case of the TOEIC, the questions and answers are given in writing. In case of Smith’s School of English’s TOEIC +, both are only spoken. )

  1. What’s this conversation about?
    1. Christmas presents for Al’s kids.
    2. A robot from Fuji camera.
    3. Mai’s new boyfriend.
    4. A robot that Al read about in the technology section of the Japan Times.
  2. What did Mai ask Al about Christmas?
    1. She asked him if he wanted a robot for Christmas.
    2. She asked if the robot he read about was a Christmas present for his kids.
    3. She asked him if the robot could sing Christmas carols.
    4. She asked him if the robot could dance to a Christmas song.
  3. What did Al say the robot could do?
    1. He said it could sing and dance.
    2. He said it could mix up a mango smoothy.
    3. He said it could dance and talk and recognize Mai’s voice.
    4. He said it could clean its own litter box.
  4. Who did Al tell Mai could mix up a Mango Smoothy for her?
    1. He said the robot could do it for her.
    2. He said she’d have to get her boyfriend to do it for her.
    3. He said she’d have to do it herself.
    4. He said cat’s don’ drink mango smoothies.