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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 5 : Ladies figure skating



Lesson 5: Ladies figure skating / VIDEO Script

Hi Al. How did you spend the day yesterday? Did you have the time to watch the ladies figure skating final at the Vancouver Olympics?

I was glued to the television, like most people in Japan who were lucky enough to have the time. What about you? Did the competition live up to your expectations?

Well, the performances of all the top skaters were out of this world, but I must admit that Korea’s Yu-na Kim’s performance was in a different league.

Yes, Kim’s performance was flawless, and I think this put pressure on Asada to raise her game, and she just couldn’t come up with the goods. I see that some journalists in Japan are calling Kim a robot.

Well, I must admit that I have never seen such a perfect performance. I think the target she set was beyond the capabilities of the other skaters. But Japan can hold its head high, I think. Don’t you?

Sure. Even though Mao missed out on gold, she made Olympic history by landing 3 triple axels in the competition. And for me, the Japanese skaters all showed the right spirit.

Questions: (In case of the TOEIC, the questions and answers are given in writing. In case of Smith’s School of English’s TOEIC +, both are only spoken. )

  1. What did John ask Al?
    1. Did Al have time to watch world figure skating yesterday.
    2. Did Al know that the Olympics were in Vancouver.
    3. Did Al have time to watch the ladies figure skating on TV.
    4. Did Al go skating yesterday.
  2. What did John think of the performance of the top skaters?
    1. That the skaters should skate in different leagues.
    2. That all the skaters performed in Disney World.
    3. That all the skaters were from Korea.
    4. That the level of Kim’s skating was far above that of the other skaters.
  3. What did Al say about Asada Mao’s performance?
    1. That Kim’s skating was so good that it made Mao try too hard and not achieve what she wanted.
    2. That Mao raised her goods too high.
    3. That Mao’s game was raised too high so she fell over.
    4. That journalists in Japan thought that Mao should have won gold.
  4. What did Al say about Japan’s performance?
    1. That Mao should have won the gold medal.
    2. That Japan’s skaters needed more spirit.
    3. That Mao Asada made Olympic history by landing 3 triple axels in the final free skating.
    4. That Japanese skaters showed the right spirit.