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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 4 : 3-D TV



Lesson 4: 3-D TV / VIDEO Script

Al, by chance did you happen to see the article about 3-D TV in the Japan Times this week?

No, I didn’t. What’re they saying in the article?

Well, they talked about the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January and it seems that the 3-D TVs were featured heavily in the show this year.

I see. Which companies are going to be taking up the sale of 3-D TVs and how soon? What about the cost?

Well according to the staff writer, Panasonic, who appear to be the leader in 3-D Plasma TVs and Sony, who are pushing ahead to launch new LCD-based products in the next few months are big players as is Korea’s Samsung.

Wow! I am guessing that available content is going to be the deciding factor in the success of 3-D TV. What are the manufacturers doing to make sure there is content?

Well, Panasonic are working closely with DirecTV in the US and BS broadcasting in Japan is already broadcasting in 3-D. But you’re right! Content is key!

Questions: (In case of the TOEIC, the questions and answers are given in writing. In case of Smith’s School of English’s TOEIC +, both are only spoken. )

  1. What did John ask Al?
    1. He asked if he had seen the article in the Japan Times on Direct TV?
    2. He asked if the 3-D TV had been a topic in the news this week.
    3. He asked if he had a chance to watch 3-D TV.
    4. He asked if, by chance, Al had seen the article on 3-D TV in the Japan Times this week.
  2. What did John say about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas?
    1. He said that it had been featured on 3-D TV.
    2. He said that the Consumer Electronics Show was trendy.
    3. He said that 3-D TV had been featured a lot in this year’s show.
    4. He said that this year’s Consumer Electronics show was in Las Vegas.
  3. What did Al ask John about 3-D TVs?
    1. He asked which company’s 3-D TV he would buy.
    2. He asked which 3-D TVs would be available and the cost.
    3. He asked which companies were taking up the sale of 3-D TVs, the cost and how soon they would be available.
    4. He asked when the 3-D TV broadcasts would start.
  4. Which companies did John say were pushing ahead to launch 3-D TV sales and what did Al say would probably be the deciding factor?
    1. John said that Samsung and Toshiba were pushing ahead with 3-D TV sales and Al mentioned that broadcasting rights would be the deciding factor.
    2. John said that Sony, Panasonic and Samsung were pushing ahead with 3-D TV sales and Al said he guessed that content would be the key factor in 3-D TV’s success.
    3. John said that Panasonic and Sony were pushing ahead to buy 3-D TVs from Samsung and Al brought up that content would be the deciding factor in the success of 3-D TV’s sales.
    4. He said he would buy a Panasonic 3-D TV after Al decided the content.