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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 37 : Kobe Beef


神戸ビーフ(こうべびーふ・KOBE BEEF)は、兵庫県で生産され、一定の基準を満たした場合に用いることが出来る牛肉のブランド名。日本三大和牛の1つとされる。日本国内および海外でも知名度が高く、高級銘柄牛肉の代名詞となっている。(Wikipediaより)


Lesson 37: Kobe Beef / VIDEO Script

John, I just read up on Kobe beef. You know, I thought Kobe beef farmers fed beer to their cows, massaged them and played classical music for them, but it turns out that those are just myths?

Not really?, I thought that was all true. So what does Kobe beef come down to?

Well, according to an article in the Japan times, Kobe beef can only come from purebred Tajima cattle born and raised in Hyogo prefecture that achieve a ranking of A4 or A5. Anything of a lower grade is labeled Tajima beef.

So how can I be sure to get Kobe beef when I eat at a restaurant?

According to the article, the easiest way to know is to make sure the restaurant displays a special bronze Tajima cow statue. It is the seal of authenticity given by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association.

Ok. But at 3,000 Yen for 100 grams plus the restaurant’s profit, I won’t be eating Kobe steak too often..

Me neither. But I will eat some steak in Kobe. Kobe beef or not, the steak there is delicious!


  1. What did Al read up on?
    1. How Kobe beef cows are fed beer, massaged and allowed to listen to classical music.
    2. How Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers NBA team got his name.
    3. Kobe beef and that feeding cows beer and so on were just myths.
    4. That the Japan Times was owned by a famous Kobe beef farmer.
  2. What did John ask Al?
    1. How many restaurants in Japan served Kobe beef?
    2. How to be sure that he was getting real Kobe beef at a restaurant?
    3. How Kobe beef came to be so tender and delicious?
    4. If Al wanted to eat Kobe beef soon?
  3. What did Al tell John about eating Kobe beef?
    1. That he also wouldn’t be eating it soon but would be eating steak in Kobe anyway.
    2. That Kobe beef was excellent and he would be eating it very soon.
    3. That Kobe beef was a bargain considering how tender and delicious it was.
    4. That John should eat steak in Kobe anyway because Kobe beef or not, the steak there was delicious.