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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 36 : Facebook Sidelined in Japan


このビデオはソーシャル・ネットワーク・サイトの1つであるFacebookに関するものです。Facebookのユーザーは世界で5億万人を突破しました。絶大な人気であることは確かですが、日本ではまだFacebookの使用者は非常に少なくmixi, Gree, モバゲータウンなどのネットワークが主流となっていて、それぞれ2千万人以上のユーザーを持っています。その理由は色々ですが、これらは携帯向けとなっているし、モバイル・ゲームにも力を入れているからだと思います。一方で、英語に関心がある人はFacebookに入会する傾向にあるようです。Facebookは世界のあらゆる言語と、もちろん日本語も使えますが、やはり日本人にとっては、元々日本で作られたmixi、Gree、モバゲータウンがFacebookより使い易く、より親しみがあるように思います。



Lesson 36: Facebook Sidelined in Japan / VIDEO Script

John, Facebook really has been making the headlines recently. Mainly for the wrong reasons: what with their security issues and being targeted by hackers. But it is amazing that they now have over half a billion members. Do you belong to Facebook?

Yes, I have been a member for quite some time, although I must admit I’m not that active. I only have about 20 Facebook friends; some people I know have hundreds, even thousands. It’s strange, though, that very few of my students are on Facebook, and even those that are, are not really active at all.

That’s right, John. Facebook is not really popular in Japan. The 3 popular social networking sites here are Mixi, Gree and Mobage Town. In fact Gree has recently overtaken Mixi as the number 1 site, and that’s mainly because it has migrated from the personal computer platform to concentrate mainly on the cell phone market.

I’ve always wondered what all those people on trains, walking, cycling and even driving, were doing with their keitais permanently in front of their eyes. They’re obviously social networking.

You’re probably right. Gree and Mobage Town have concentrated very much on games on their networks, and I guess that their millions of members are constantly engrossed in those games. Maybe you should give it a go.

I’m much too old.

Naaah! You’re never too old.


  1. What did Al ask John?
    1. Was he a member of Facebook
    2. Had he made headlines mainly for the wrong reasons
    3. Had John had security issues
    4. Did he have half a billion members
  2. What did Al tell John?
    1. That he had migrated to personal computers
    2. That Facebook concentrated on platforms
    3. That Mixi and Gree were in Mobage Town
    4. That not many Japanese people used Facebook
  3. What did John tell Al?
    1. That people walk and drive with keitais permanently
    2. That he wondered why people were on trains, walking or cycling
    3. That people looking at keitais all the time were probably social networking
    4. That keitais were permanently in front of people’s eyes