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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 34 : Bloom Energy Server



Lesson 34: Bloom Energy Server / VIDEO Script

John, I just read an article on the Internet about a new plug-and-play power generator that may make the electric wires coming into your house obsolete.

Really! Who’s it from and what is it? I am guessing it is really expensive.

Well John, its a new kind of fuel cell from a California-based company called Bloom Energy. And yes, it is very expensive now but they hope to bring the price down in the future.

Sounds like another pie-in-the-sky idea. So who is using it now and what will the price be in future? Will it be big and take up my whole back yard?

No, it’s not a dream. Right now Google, Wallmart, Bank of America and several other big U.S. companies are using them and saving money on electricity. The company is aiming in 10 years to be able to sell a Lunch-Box sized unit big enough to power one U.S. house for about $3,000.

That’s not bad Al! But, wait a minute! What is the catch?

Well, you won’t need to connect to the Electric Grid but you will need to have a fuel supply such as natural gas or biomass gas etc.

Great! I’ll start saving my grass clippings for fuel!


  1. What did Al tell John he’d read about?
    1. He said he’d read about a new kind of plug-and-play Internet.
    2. He said the power generator in John’s house would be obsolete soon.
    3. He said the Internet would soon make the electricity wires running into John’s house obsolete.
    4. He said a new kind of power generator would make the electricity wires connecting John’s house to the grid obsolete.
  2. What did John ask Al?
    1. He asked him if he was going to buy one.
    2. He asked what the device was and who it was from
    3. He asked why Al thought the article was interesting.
    4. He asked if the device could double as a can opener.
  3. What did Al say to John in response to his question?
    1. He said it was from a U.S. based company called California Energy and was a new kind of battery.
    2. He said if was from a company called Bloom Energy and was a new kind of fuel cell.
    3. He said that it was from a California based Dutch company and was a new kind of solar cell.
    4. He said that the device from Bloom Energy was not expensive and the company was looking for a California-based partner.
  4. What did Al say about the size and price of the new fuel cell that would be available in a bout 10 years?
    1. He said it was about the size John’s back yard and would cost about $3,000.
    2. He said that it would fit in John’s pocket and the price would be about $3,000.
    3. He said that it would be about the size of a lunch box and cost about $3,000.
    4. He said that John would be able to buy it at Walmart for about $3,000 and it would fit in John’s lunch box.