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Lesson 33: Lennon or McCartney / VIDEO Script

John, I guess that you were a fan of the Beatles when they were in their heyday.

Well, not really, Al. I must admit that I was a bit of a cultural snob in my youth, and mainly listened to classical music. I did grow to love their music later in life. What about you, Al.

Well John, I was pretty young back then, but I did love their music. Still do. Did you read about the Rolling Stone magazine special issue devoted to deciding which was the most influential member of the group, John Lennon or Paul McCartney? They listed the 100 top songs and credited them to the different members of the group.

Yes, I read that blog. The conclusion seems to be that Paul was rather under-rated by most critics who seem to consider John as the great songwriter. Yet Paul was credited with almost as many hits as John. This seems to be influenced by John’s less “Pop” style, and also by his early, tragic death.

I agree, John. Paul has carried on with his musical career long after the demise of the Beatles, which John could obviously not do. So what’s your opinion? Who do you think was the greatest Beatle of them all?

I’ve always loved John Lennon’s music, even the albums he made after his Beatles days. What about you Al?

I like them both but I think Paul was the best. ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Let it be’ and ‘Yesterday’ were huge Beatle hits written by Paul and John is best known for ‘Imagine’ which I think he wrote after his Beatle days. But it is just great that they could do what they did. They truly enriched our lives.



  1. What did Al say to John?
    1. He guessed that John had been a fan of the Beatles.
    2. He guessed John had had his heyday.
    3. John had guessed the Beatles in his heyday.
    4. John’s heyday had been the Beatles.
  2. What did John say to Al?
    1. That he had grown to love classical music.
    2. That he mainly listened when he was young.
    3. That he thought the Beatles were a snob.
    4. That he had not been a fan of the Beatles when he was young because he had been a cultural snob
  3. How did John respond to Al’s question about a blog that he had read?
    1. He said that Paul had credited many more hits
    2. That John was influenced by his early death
    3. That the blog’s author felt that Paul McCartney had been under-rated
    4. That Paul’s “Pop” style was influenced by John
  4. How did Al answer John’s question about which Beatle he thought was the best song writer?
    1. He liked Hey Jude best of all
    2. That he liked Paul McCartney best
    3. That John Lennon had enriched the Beatles
    4. That Yesterday was huge, but imagine was after the Beatles