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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 31 : Inception




Lesson 31: Inception / VIDEO Script

John, I went to see the new DiCaprio movie ‘Inception’ this weekend. It was quite an interesting movie but challenging to understand.

What is the main idea of the movie?

Well, the main idea is that with a special device someone can share your dreams and can even create your dreams.

Wow! That is scary Al! Why would someone want to do that?

Well, in the movie they either try to steal information from you in your dream or to implant an idea to get you to take some kind of action when you wake up.

Oh, was Ken Watanabe in that movie? How was his English?

Yes, he played the role of a powerful Japanese businessman named Saito and his English was very good!

Good for him! I think I am going to have to watch that movie soon.


  1. What did Al tell John?
    1. He said he had seen the new DiCaprio movie ‘Shutter Island’ this weekend?
    2. He said that he was having strange dreams recently that were challenging to understand.
    3. He said that his impression of DiCaprio was still at its inception.
    4. He said that this weekend he had seen the new DiCaprio movie called ‘Inception’.
  2. What did John ask?
    1. He asked what was Al’s idea about the movie.
    2. He asked what was the main idea of the movie?
    3. He asked if Al had any idea what the movie meant.
    4. He asked what ‘inception’ meant.
  3. What was Al’ response to John’s question?
    1. He said that it was about dreams and how you can interpret them.
    2. He said that DiCaprio had an idea that dreams could be stolen.
    3. He said that the main idea was that someone could share your dreams and even create them.
    4. He said he still had no idea.
  4. What did Al tell John was the reason someone would want to share another person’s dream?
    1. Al said it was to steal valuable information or plant an idea that the person would carry out after waking up.
    2. Al said it was to change a person’s thinking about something in the waking or conscious world.
    3. Al said that Ken Watanabe wanted DiCaprio to sabotage his competition.
    4. Al said it was to find out what a person is afraid of and to use it against them in the conscious world.