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無料TOEIC レッスン Lesson 3 : INVICTUS


Lesson 3: INVICTUS / VIDEO Script:

John, I hear that you saw Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, Invictus. The reviews I’ve come across have really heaped praise on it. How did you find it?

Well, you know I grew up in South Africa, and as a sports fan, the story is very close to my heart. Did you know that the 1995 Rugby World Cup took place in South Africa, and the Springboks, as their team was known, came out on top despite being completeunderdogs.

No, I didn’t know about it. As an American born and bred, my sporting interests have never encompassed sports of the likes of Rugby. I had no idea that Invictus was a sporting movie; I thought it was political in subject matter, about Nelson Mandela, the former South African president.

That’s right. It features Morgan Freeman in a starring role as Mandela, and Matt Damon as the captain of the South African team. It tells the story of how a sporting event brought together the two sides of the political spectrum in South Africa.

With your ear for South African accents, how did you rate the performances of the two stars. Did you find them convincing as South Africans?

I must admit that the performances were so good that I lost myself in the movie and never noticed the accents at all. Although Clint Eastwood is almost 80, it seems that any movie he makes is a sure thing.

Questions: (In case of the TOEIC, the questions and answers are given in writing. In case of Smith’s School of English’s TOEIC +, both are only spoken. )

  1. What did Al tell John that he’d heard
    1. That John had seen Clint Eastwood at the movies.
    2. That Clint Eastwood had heaped praise on reviewers.
    3. That John had been to the cinema to see Invictus
    4. That Clint Eastwood had made a new movie
  2. Why did John say that the story of Invictus is close to his heart?
    1. Because the team were underdogs.
    2. Because John was raised in South Africa and is a rugby fan.
    3. Because the South African rugby team is called the Springboks
    4. Because John was born in 1995
  3. Why did Al say that he had never had an interest in rugby?
    1. Because rugby is a political sport.
    2. Because he didn’t know that Invictus was about sport.
    3. Because rugby is not popular in America where Al comes from
    4. Al doesn’t like sport; he’s only interested in politics
  4. What did Al say John had that would help him rate the actors’ performances?
    1. A knowledge of acting techniques
    2. A lot of experience watching rugby
    3. A love of Clint Eastwood movies
    4. A knowledge of how South Africans speak